Marine Has Murder Conviction Reduced

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mikey4444 | 11:40 Wed 15th Mar 2017 | News
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I seem to recall that this case has raised a few hackles here on AB....this is the latest news.


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quite right too....the debate went on and I made my point then...hopefully he will be home soon..but fear he will be psychologically damaged for good now...he made a mistake under extreme conditions and has paid the price..time to move on now
I thought that this was going to be about Madame Le Pen! LOL.
I agree.

Common sense at last, good news.
Good! Now they just need to decide how long he has to serve now.
So still guilty then - fair do's.
he made a mistake Islay...untill we walk in a marine's boots we have no idea of what they go through....
Manslaughter, then he should be released at once, going on other court cases, where people have walked free.

Footnote: War is war, and if you are sent to fight for your Country, your Country should fight for you!
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He obviously wasn't innocent, as all the evidence showed that he did what he did, and he admitted as such. But perhaps manslaughter should have been the charge in the first place.

It would be interesting to see what New Judge has to say of the legal aspects of this case ?
He made a mistake Murray? Isn't he the Marine that shot dead an insurgent in cold blood and then admitted it on camera?
To my mind it was murder plain and simple - I appreciate that I differ from most on here but you can't get away from what he did.
Nothing unique about this case. A lot of Germans, especially concentration camp guards, were shot out of hand by the British at the end of the war. Of course they never came to trial.
Oh and before I am accused of being a traitor I have asked my family who all served in war zones their thoughts on the matter and they all agree that it was murder!
Islay he discharged his weapon in anger under the belief the insurgent was already dead..still not acceptable ..but there were mitigating circs at the time...quite rightly he serves some kind of sentence in reparation and punishment..but time to move on

Islay I could be wrong but suspect you know nothing of the stresses involved in his situation.
Diminished responsibility is a partial defence to murder, reducing it to manslaughter.
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Minty is right !
Baldric you would be very wrong then!

Asking family is nothing like being there.

"Islay he discharged his weapon in anger under the belief the insurgent was already dead..still not acceptable "


Is there an offence for killing a dead person? I bet there is.
A right and proper verdict.

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Marine Has Murder Conviction Reduced

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