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I'm no fan of Trump or Spicer but in this instance I'm with Spicer, he was 'off duty' and she decided to be exceptionally rude to him then wondered why he retaliated, hiding behind whatever ethnicity she now claims. Who said If you can't stand the heat keep out of the kitchen?
13:07 Tue 14th Mar 2017
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Telling that the woman has a non-job. Probably terrified of the swamp being drained.
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//Shree Chauhan admits she was 'impolite' but was says her actions were justified//

Gotta love these news reports.
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Do you think he has protection against serious threats? (I'd have thought so)
Was that a serious threat, or some person mouthing off?
I think his comment was indicative of the Trump era.

Everyone and everything not with you is an enemy.

And she is right when she says he has a position of power and he felt so at ease with that power that he could say something racist on the back of it.
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Yes, that was just an annoying person mouthing off, oz. That's what I mean, what if it was a serious threat.
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Cassa, I didn't expect anyone on AB, even the Trump haters, to side with this appalling woman.
If it was a serious threat Sam I'm sure the Men in black[i would have sprung into action and annihilated all around.

I've watched enough American movies to know just how it works in the [i]Worlds best country]. ;-/
Too many italics for AB.

Oh well, that's life.
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Perhaps the CIA blocked them.
Oooh, conspiracy theories now?

I await with baited breath.
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Trying to make something out of nothing. Hypocrisy riding the back of the ignorant.
I haven't figured out how she is an appalling woman samjenko???

She harangued him about policies she and many others don't agree with. So what. That is the life of a politician.

You seem to be side stepping the fact he, with power and influence has made a not veiled racist comment.

Hers was the lesser of two evils and you vilify her!!

What a strange place we now live in!!
I don't see how she's appalling.

///He told her: “It's such a great country that allows you to be here.”///

I didn't know Spicer was a Native American...
[I don't know how to do italics here, but I hope you see what I'm trying to do.]
@cassa333 Smearing someone as a "fascist" just because Trump won the election is pretty appalling to me
Well to me, calling someone a fascist is just an insult. There are plenty of those bandied around all the time. If you are in politics and your policies are perhaps seen as to to be on the fascist side of anything then that is what you are going to be called. Sticks and stones and all that.

He was overtly racist because he can be because his power is based on shutting opposition down.

Would you say that was liberal? Conservative? Facist? Extremist?

Which one?

Once again, why is it that people have jumped on her use of the name calling term Facist and not his racism?
Probably because the term 'Racist' has become so over used and twisted from its original meaning that it is no longer taken seriously.
It was of course used by the liberal elite when trying to close down anyone who disagrees with them.

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