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Tabula-rasa | 22:51 Wed 08th Mar 2017 | News
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"Walls are hot right now,but I was into them long before Trump made it cool"! - Banksy.

Bravo Banksy,he has put the money he has made to a good cause - creating and gifting a Hotel - furnished with many of his thought provoking works of Art - right by the massive wall built by the Israeli state,in order to further subjugate the Palestinian peoples.

I hope the 'Walled-off Hotel' is a great success,and acts as a 'Springboard'to the local community,to create business and tourism in Bethlehem,to attract people from around the World.



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Being secretive.
great view from your hotel room, mamya.
Tis, par for the course with me.
last go

Question Author
Just give it a crap review on 'TripAdvisor'.
Mainly for the crap view.
Question Author
Surely gromit that would be a positive review ?
Well you wouldn't go to somewhere called 'Walled off' expecting a sea view would you.
I was expecting the 'Hanging Gardens of Babylon' but on inspecting a map, it us thousands of miles off.
My mistake, but also Banksys fault for locating his hotel under the Israeli occupation, rather than somewhere nice.
Question Author,I don't think you get it gromit!
Is tabula rasa the title of your autobiography?
.. if so it gives too much away.
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//,I don't think you get it gromit! //

Er, yes I do.
Not sure you do though. errrr. //
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I,for one,am convinced that Banksy's motives are honourable.He has,after all,been visiting and supporting the cause of Palestinian communities for 10 years!
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Do I detect some cynicism in your reply,Samjenko?

The 'Walled-off Hotel'has created income and full-time work for 45 Palestinians and their dependants.
Banksy has many fans around the World,and those fans will hopefully regard a trip to Bethlehem as a 'must see'.
He was able to refurbish and furnish the Hotel in relative secrecy,suggesting that he had the support of local people.

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