George Michael Died Of Natural Causes

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MargoTester | 13:04 Tue 07th Mar 2017 | News
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A Coroner's report has confirmed


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Hopefully that will stop a rabid tabloid press looking under rocks for drug influences in their endless need to denigrate someone who cannot defend themselves.
was just watching this on the news. sad whatever the direct and indirect causes.
And now can they let him rest in peace.
ummm - They can, but that doesn't sell papers.

If the announcement that Paul Burrell is gay - rather like announcing that the earth orbits the sun - makes tabloid front pages, I don't hold out much hope for Mr Michael's family and friends' peace coming any time soon.
All the MSM do it in some form or other AH, not just the tabloids.

Now let him RIP. No need for any other nasty rum ours to be put about. And that includes useless Yewtree.

Did his previous life as a drug addict not have anything to do with death whatsoever ?
We can live in hope. He done much good in his time. He should be remembered for that.
Mikey - drug addict?
mikey - //Did his previous life as a drug addict not have anything to do with death whatsoever ? //

It is documented fact, and acknowledged by Mr Michael himself, that he was a drug user, that does not make him a drug addict, anymore than drinking a glass of wine with dinner makes someone an alcoholic.
george michael is dead..end of..move on!
I haven't read anything about George Michael's drug taking besides him smoking weed.
Mikey, could you not just be satisfied with the coroners report ?
Bernie - does that include his family, or all the people he's helped over the years?
anne some just like to mix it. but according to his own words he took drugs, as do many who are not in the public eye.
I understand that he smoked crack cocaine, on and off for years, and that he was being treated in the Kusnacht Practice. He was alsoo a long term user of other drugs.

We can debate whether smoking crack cocaine is a "habit" or an addiction if you like, although most people would describe that as more serious than having the odd drink or two, every now and then. We do him no favours by trying to gloss over the facts.
Have you got a link to that, Mikey?

And does it really matter? He wasn't using benefits money to pay for his drugs!!!
ummm mostly from the tabloid press, but he had been
interviewed where he admitted to using drugs.
ummmm he is dead whatever the cause was cant change it he's gone..people saying ohh it must have been this or that ..that killed him a great loss to his family and friends and his fans indeed
Either way it's very sad to die of natural causes so young. He was a wonderful singer who did so much for charity.

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George Michael Died Of Natural Causes

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