The Attack - Surprisingly Good, I Thought....

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Samjenko | 23:42 Thu 02nd Mar 2017 | News
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Possibly could have posted in TV but thought it more likely to interest the NEWS crowd.


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Thanks Samjenko, agree our boys seem to be doing a fantastic job, hope they can keep it up.
15:58 Fri 03rd Mar 2017
I'm surprised that no-one has yet commented. I use 'commented' because you have not exactly posed a question. Yes, I am certainly aware that a terror attack is being kept at bay by unceasing vigilance by the security services. (I taught in Secondary School in Bradford in the 90's/early 2000's and saw the growth.) Not sure what the question is, sorry.
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Just wondered if other people watched it, jourdain. And if they did, what they thought of it.
I thought it was a bit clunky

man goes into prison and gets protected by muslim muscle so becomes radicalised

man's girl friend is a diamond geezer yeah innit and realises when she reads the suicide note he must be a bad fella and turns him in

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Yes I thought how are they going to present this touchy subject, but they seemed to get over it by portraying one of the good Muslims as a cop.

To me it didn't seem to flow too smoothly and all a bit bitty, will there be more or was that it?
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It wasn't yours.

/// I believe it was a one off, aog. ///

Then I am even more puzzled, did he manage to carry out his evil deeds or did the Muslim cop catch up with him first.

Interesting to note however, how many premises are raided and how many suspects are arrested, yet we hardly ever get to know what actually happens to them.
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I think the Moslem(Asian) chap was MI5 or something, AOG.
Expect the security services are chock full of them at the moment.
Whatever they're doing, touch wood, they are doing a fantastic job of keeping us safe. (with a couple of sad exceptions)
Ps. I think the premise was that there was a (successful) attack.
Thanks Samjenko, agree our boys seem to be doing a fantastic job, hope they can keep it up.
I think it ended on a successful attack too.
The security services may be doing a good job, but what the experts said at the start and end, and the info that came up on the screen was pretty scary, though.

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The Attack - Surprisingly Good, I Thought....

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