Michael Gove/donald Trump.

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anneasquith | 12:46 Mon 16th Jan 2017 | News
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Michael Gove...... " Donald Trump is a " force of nature" is that good or not ? :-)


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lets wait and see.hes different that's one thing.but cant be any worse than both of the "bushes "
Could be either - tsunami or summer breeze for example.
Has Gove gone back to scribbling after his brief, unsuccessful venture into politics?
It is clearly intended to be good.
polite way of saying a loose cannon?
rarely heard of a "Force" of nature being a good thing!
Jackdaw, yes, he's taken up a contract with The Times

Pay has been given as £150,000.
Gove must be one of the most obsequious little turds in humanity. his life will be forever marked by the people who's shirt tails he hangs himself to
Ninefingers....glad to see that we both agree of one thing at least !
I wonder if Mr Gove also once thought Boris Johnson was a 'force of nature' :-)
Must admit I like the expression "obsequious little turd". I could apply that to a few more people.
Great news!

Haters hate such positive things so much, they attack the bearer of good tidings. ^^

Apparently Mr Gove was misreported.

He actually said, 'a farce of nature'.

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Michael Gove/donald Trump.

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