Next U S President - Trey Gowdy

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joggerjayne | 21:18 Wed 04th Jan 2017 | News
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I think there's no question about this.

The next (but one) U S President will be Congressman Trey Gowdy.

We should get our bets on now!

Also, when everyone else becomes more Gowdy-conscious, and starts to search him online, AnswerBank will come up near the top.

Then, in four (or maybe eight) years time, everyone will think back, and say ... Oh yeah, the AnswerBank people said that this would happen.


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He is quick thinker and was a Prosecutor so knows the law. There are quite few videos of him on YouTube and he is addictive to watch.
Question Author
Addictive to watch is absolutely right. I kee clicking to see what he's going to say next. He cuts to the chase, and never accepts evasive answers.
Funny name, 'Trey'. It's not his real name.
Question Author
C'est Trey unusual.


ok, sorry
So you should be! that a made-up name ?
Trey - must be dotty?
To me Trey is the 3 of a suit of cards, one above deuce.
a domino or card with three dots.
no one beyond a few confidants knows the name of the next president, it'll be in 8 years from now.
Question Author
It probably will be eight years.

The scary thing is, crooked Hillary will probably coerce the DNC to let her have another go in 2021.
Hillary will be past it by then, if she isn't already.
Trey (Name) - Originally a nickname for a third-generation son (with the same name as his father/grandfather).
Daughter of Hillary will be put forward.

I dont think it is possible anymore to predict anything, especially that far forward.
YMB is correct here....its impossible and downright daft to predict who will be President in 8 years time.

We don't even know the candidates for the 2020 Election.
Next US president probably Mike Pence by this time next year :-)
keep dreaming ichy, Trump will not get impeached you have to do something bad to get impeached and the trumpster is too smart to get caught out like that.

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Next U S President - Trey Gowdy

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