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what a start to 2017, our sympathy for all the loved ones

Absolutely horrendous, no doubt the Denialists will be along shortly to explain it.
Dreadful. You are almost certainly correct Balders
Do you think it might have somthing to do with the, err, the "Religion Of Peace™" perchance?
These despicable cowards are just following in the footsteps of their Prophet. He taught his followers that attacking soft targets like unarmed civilians, women and children will, “... cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved..." [Koran, verse (8:12)]

And these pathetic deluded imbeciles are carrying on their Prophet's works 1400 years later to the letter.
said it before 2-3 yrs ago , this is nothing compared with what you have infront of you , nothing !!

blame the liberals.

Blame the liberals? In which country?
What can anyone say except expect more?
Absolutely horrendous. I will try to explain it- it was a terror attack and has all the hallmarks of those done in the name of Islam in recent times. Does that make me a denialist?
Nope FF....and I don't know anyone on this site that would deny it.
Neither do I Ummmm.
yep another belter from the religion of peace. Is there any possibility that they have misunderstood what the prophet/Allah meant?
The terrorist acts in Turkey are political rather than religious in origin.

A number of factors are involved:
- Turkey's involvement in Syria, make them a target from IS
- Turkey's continued oppression of its Kurds, makes them a threat
- A deeply divide country and its slide into dictatorship
- The Government will use this to lock up even more of Erdogan's political opposition
- An attempt by outside forces to destablise the country (take your pick from CIA, Russia, Iran, Saudis)

To just blame Islam is rather over simplifying a complex situation.
Gromit...stop will just confuse some people....they like nice simple explanations, with the words Muslim in it.
maybe some motive will emerge, but at the moment it sounds more like one of those American high school massacres than like a religiously motivated terror attack. My kneejerk reaction would be to suspect Kurds, whose beef against Turks is over their desire for a homeland, rather than for stricter Islam; but we'll see.
right so it's not the fluffy bunny Muslims committing acts of terror, glad you cleared that up.
Mostly muslims injured and killed by a terrorist, who may be muslim
TTT...what Gromit has explained is when we are dealing with Turkey, the situation is more complicated.

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