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Muslim Turks are the victims of this attack and others. The motivation is not to spread Islam, Turkey is already Islamic.
who said it was to spread Islam? this is just standard murder and mayhem from the usual suspects.
I don't know who the attacker was, let alone his religion. Even if he was Kurdish, he was quite likely a Muslim. I also don't know his motives, but as I said, it's not yet clear that they were religious.
Before the bodies are even cold, conservatives immediately leap up to proclaim "liberals did this". Classy.

Awful tragedy, perpetuated by religious lunatics. RIP.
I would stick with 'lunatic' at the moment.
yes kromo and the usual suspects leap to the defence of islam.
TTT - Point out who!
TTT....why are you being so tiresome and childish about this ?

Nobody is defending Islam on here this morning.

Give it a rest please dear.
Turkey have been using the Syria War to rage its own campaign against the Kurds. The attacker is said to have spoken Arabic, so a Syrian assailant is a possibility.

The Turks have also been playing IS as well. Both helping them and attacking them. So there may be some payback from that.

A year ago, Turkey shot down a Russian jet, so relations soured. The Russians aren't one to quietly forget.

And the possibility of a black op by Erdogan's own security services cannot be ruled out. The attack will let the Government further clampdown, arrest, and lock up the opposition. As with the coup, it is all very convenient and therfore suspicious.
Ummmm , it's obvious these posts are deliberately set as snares - the third post laid out the game plan.

I stand by my first comment on the thread.

I know you have a perverse obsession with wanting that to be true, but it's not. And insisting that it is, does not make it so.
Mamy....with you all the way there.
Half the posts in the News section are traps to set people up of both sides of the political fence - let he who is without sin cast the first stone; or something like that.

TBH you could substitute the word Turkey in Gromit's for many countries but geopolitically turkey are right in th firing line so's to speak. Simply this was another terrorist attack just like all the rest in recent months, there just more immediacy to the bigger issues in Turkey than possibly the UK
// Security in Turkish cities had been heightened for New Year’s Eve, with 17,000 police officers, including some camouflaged as Santa Claus, on duty in Istanbul, according to the state-run Anadolu news agency. //

// Officials said at least one gunman reportedly wearing a Santa costume murdered a police officer and a civilian outside Istanbul’s famed Reina nightclub before bursting inside. //
IS has claimed responsibility.

I'm not sure what they mean by 'claimed responsibility'- I think they mean the killer was inspired by IS rather than the killing was planned by IS.

It's possible their 'heroic soldier' killed more Muslims than non-Muslims based on this breakdown of victims.

Victims by nationality:
Turkey: 11
Saudi Arabia: 7
Iraq: 4
Lebanon: 3
Jordan, India, Morocco: two nationals from each country
Syria, Israel, France, Tunisia, Belgium, Kuwait, Canada, Russia: one national from each country

I suppose though the main desire of IS is to cause fear and they don't care who actually dies
fiction-factory, //I'm not sure what they mean by 'claimed responsibility'- I think they mean the killer was inspired by IS rather than the killing was planned by IS.//

That means the perpetrator was working on behalf of IS. I don’t think they often directly organise specific actions, but they’re full of ideas like driving lorries into crowded areas. And no, they don’t care who they kill because they know that 'good' Muslims are happy to die for the cause. Still, at least the ‘complexity’ of the Kurdish problem that is alleged to ‘confuse’ people who just want to see an explanation with the word ‘Muslim’ in it has been settled. It wasn’t them.
blimey - is the pope a roman catholic

I dont dont it was a muslim butchering a few more muslims

reminds me of the IRA oin the emerald isle ( or London - or manchester - or Brum)

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