Marks & Spencer Muslim Staff Can Refuse-To Serve

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trt | 01:32 Sat 31st Dec 2016 | News
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Jeez...this is getting ridiculous.
19:02 Sat 31st Dec 2016
Ne'er mind nip to t'corner shop eh?
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trt , nice as your link is....

//By Robert Mendick, Chief Reporter10:00PM GMT 21 Dec 2013//

Have you checked with Marks and Spencer Head Office what their policy is in December 2016?
Then they simply can not work on tills.

Just spent 125 quid at Asda about an hour ago ... imagine after 80 0dd % of my shopping had been packed and then a bottle of wine (common for many shoppers) came along and I was refused service or had to wait (remember this would be an ongoing occurrence) I would dump the shopping back on the belt and walk out.

We imagining or that happened?
I have once (and I live in a Town with a very high number of Muslims) had a supervisor come to the till to serve me.

Interestingly the young lady spotted my wine on the conveyor belt whilst she was serving the customer ahead of me - my shopping experience was not slowed down one bit.

This was a good few years ago, never happened since, even with the same assistant.
No that did not happen but it would if supermarkets think they can mess me about.

The last time I went to Asda I bought 2 crates of Carling and 1 crate of cider ... the Muslim lass had no problem with them other than the weight.

Have I got to look at all the tills and weigh up who will possibly serve me and who will throw a fit?
No, I don't think we should have to pick and choose our tills agreed - our shopping experience should be as smooth as possible and if (repeat if) employers are making concessions for anything be it religious intolerances ar anything else they should ensure the customer is not inconvenienced or the worker embarrassed.
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I mentioned on a similar thread yesterday re my GP who wouldn't even discuss birth control as he was RC (as am I ) we joked and he called in a Colleague.
A small town in NSW called Merriwa had the highest rate per head of teenage pregnancies in all of Australia. The local pharmacist refused to sell condoms due to his religious beliefs. The local Butcher started stocking condoms and the trend was reversed.
My example above was in the early 1870's.

Perhaps when trt has checked with M&S what their current policy, three after his link is, the discussion can progress - as I'm absolutely sure it will.
1870's what a cracking typo - love it, I wish.

1970's of course.
And before anyone asks,,,No,,, they weren't the tail end of sausage skins ;-)

Mamya, with age comes wisdom.
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Try actually reading the article rather than indulging your prejudices.

It's bylined (at the very top so you can't miss it) :

By Robert Mendick, Chief Reporter

10:00PM GMT 21 Dec 2013
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No - it's a very old article - which trt (and you) have misunderstood as being printed today - as that is the date The Telegraph puts at the top of every page of its website - however old the article below is.
The simplest solution is to avoid checkouts staffed by Muslims. They are not hard to spot.

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Marks & Spencer Muslim Staff Can Refuse-To Serve

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