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goodgoalie | 23:33 Fri 30th Dec 2016 | News
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Blimey, anyone well known NOT received a knight or damehood?!


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Was the dog in the same car ?

He was driving
I think it's about time we had Dame June Whitfield, in show business for 70 years.
They told me that they were making people knights and dames and asked if I'd be interested. I said "Yes, please!" and, before I knew it, my wish had been granted!
Ah - they were impressed by your Dick last year then Chris ... or was it your puss-in-boots?
About time too.

Dame Buenchico has a certain ring about it!!!
It's a long time since anyone has been impressed by my Dick, Dave :(

A damehood might be best for me anyway, 1ozzy. If I got a knighthood people would start calling me 'Sir' and I had enough of that when I was teaching kids!
For services to British Rail.

After all, no one else up there seems to be able to decipher their timetables.
I've got a cassette recording somewhere, 1ozzy, of me being interviewed on BBC Radio 4 (back in the 1980s) about the errors I'd discovered in BR's timetables (including the fact that Stockport appeared to no longer exist as far as BR was concerned!)

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Would you still disapprove if we did it the French way, without the 'nobility' titles or the reference to 'empire' but still honouring those who're seen as having contributed to 'national culture' in some way?
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I haven't read the links so I don't know if these things are true, or if you're all joking.
I am a huge Andy Murray fan, but as amazing as he is it seems a tiny bit ridiculous to knight him when he is still playing and has to face people like Djokovic. Give it to him when he's retired. Can you imagine the locker room banter?

VB? Why?
Sir Andy....that's ma boy ! xx
I've just gone on Facebook and seen that AM is indeed getting a knighthood, and so is Mo Farah. Jessica Ennis-Hill is to become a Dame. I love them all, but really? Knights and Dames for being good at their sports and being richly paid for it?
for outstanding personal achievemens Clover....earnings /status is immaterial uncle was awarded the MBE some time back for being good at his job in the public sector...he was also handsomely paid , income is not a consideration..standing out from the crowd is !
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not at all Mudo..why would you think that ? people here have been calling for his knighthood quite openly for some time....
Easily said Murdo, from someone who has never been offered the honour ;-/
Sir Tim Peake. OM, CH look good,so why didn't that happen?

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Knighthoods For All

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