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joeluke | 21:43 Thu 10th Nov 2016 | News
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Spineless Welsh FA refuse to wear poppy on shirts

English and Scottish FA’s have shown bottle and called FIFA’s bluff but the sheep worriers obviously have no balls


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If Wales did lose points by defying FIFA they can wave goodbye to qualificafion. They are already up against it.

After an incredible showing in the Euros it seems like the Welsh have got a bit carried away.

They won't qualify and on the poppy issue have tamely 'bale'd out'...
To be honest, I think most of the uk and other parts of the world are spineless. I remember my Mum telling me about how she and her brother had been machine gunned via a German plane when they were cycling home from school during WW 2. The next day they just went to school as normal.People don`t have any substance anymore.
I think all our British Teams should stick too gingers up to FIFA, one of the most corrupt sporting organisations in the world.

In the manner of a very famous British sportsman....Harvey Smith !
Rowlocks !...fingers, not bloody gingers !
Mikey, never mind fingers, the Welsh FA should make a fist of it!!
I agree....though I am not Welsh, this is makes me ashamed.
Yep, it's poppycock!
Pathetic (used to live near Harvey Smith b.t.w. and can imagine his reaction!).
Harvey would say 'take a run and jump'!!
And there was me thinking it was the Scots who were too ginger :-)

Wear it, don't wear it. Storm in a teacup. Authorities are being ultra thick calling it a political symbol, others don't seem to realise one doesn't need icons on sports gear so ought not get so het up. If that keen why not put a foot wide one on the back.
Shame on Wales FA. They should crawl back under their rock.

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