Was Hillary Buying Off The F B I ... ?

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joggerjayne | 01:09 Tue 01st Nov 2016 | News
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Sequence of events ...

March 2015 ... Hillary deletes the subpoenaed emails.

July 2015 ... the FBI opens an investigation into the emails.

Terry McCauliffe runs a political action committee.

Hillary Clinton raises big sums of money for the committee.

September 2015 ... The committee donates big sums of money to the State Senate campaign of Jill McCabe.

Jill McCabe's husband is the FBI deputy director who is heading up the email investigation into Hillary Clinton.

The FBI guy and his staff decide that the woman who is funnelling money to his wife's State Senate campaign ... does not need to be charged! Funny, that!

Criminal corruption, on a scale

Details in the Daily Mail, apparently.


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Question Author
On a scale ... THIS BIG !!!???
The hacks arent giving us all the facts
( hey unintentional rhyme )

they found the emails undeleted on s/o's computer who was being indicted for sexting. completely different unconnected investigation so should be unusable in the Hillary context

Comey the FBI guy then goes public about 650 000 emails
and later erm seeks a search warrant for them
( hey ! you mean erm NOT the other way round ? )
whic is granted

and today I caught a stub from Trump " and when the director of the FBI rang me up...." ..... really ? Comey is outta a job if he did that - isnt he ?

oops misheard

"when Director Comey - did that"

and NOT " when the director called me and did that"
What type of laptop can store 650,000 e-mails?
A laptop could do it of course, but is it likely to actually do it? Only if it was a ring as an email server I'd say.
If Clinton was 'buying off' the FBI it hasn't really worked :-)
This smack of foul play by the FBI. With Trump so far behind in popularity, this seemed to be the only way to defeat Hilary, and it might just work !
I cannot decide if people are stupid, or just pretending to be stupid.

There are not 650,000 Clinton emails, there are 650,000 Anthony Weiner emails. They were seized during a separate investigation.

Within his Weiner's emails are his (or his wife's) correspondence with Hillary. Those number "more than a thousand". The FBI have already investigated Hillary's emails, so it is highly likely they already have these emails. The FBI are just seeing Weiner's side of a conversation that they already know about.

So the facts are:

1. There are not 650,000 Clinton emails.
2. The FBI will have already seen them.
3. The contents would not be a breach of national security.
4. No illegality involved.
Question Author
This wasn't really about those emails.

When the FBI were investigating the original emails, Hillary directed a shed load of money to the wife of the person heading the investigation.

And the investigation concluded that Hillary wasn't so bad after all.

The FBI have already said that Hilary is not guilty, over he emails.

I repeat....there is foul play at work here !

But it doesn't seem to have damaged the Democratic campaign too much, at least not yet ::

I know some people will say that Polls can't be taken for granted these days, but Hilary has consistently been in the lead. in this Poll of Polls.
better book next wednesday off Mikey......
The implication if there is one for Clinton presumably therefore is that somehow Weiner might have been a party to some classified information that came from the Clinton side but had not previously been picked up?
As you indicate, that seems most unlikely.
In any case, a typical email exchange as it resides on someone's laptop will
typically consist of a long trail of text from each party.

TTT....if Trump does win next week, then it will by default, not by any qualities he has for the job....which are none.
Who on earth can wrote 650,000 emails ?
This email thing is not new .

Apparently , thousands of emails were kept on private servers under the Bush administration .

I wonder how many of those emails compromised Government secrets .

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