Oh No...more Bad News ...

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bazwillrun | 14:39 Mon 01st Aug 2016 | News
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for bremaniacs...

Its getting worse by the day, Im not sure what to do...


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You really are living in a fantasy world. Read the entire article, and it comes down to "everything is getting much worse"
"but the bigger worry is that, post-Brexit, we transition into a pronounced economic downturn,”

'expected to confirm that activity dropped to a 41-month low in July'

'Output in the construction sector, [ ], is expected to have plummeted to its lowest level since June 2009, while activity in Britain’s dominant services sector is forecast to fall to an 88-month low.
// a series of closely-watched surveys conducted after Theresa May became prime minister in mid-July are expected to show that the UK economy is on course to contract at the fastest pace since the financial crisis in the third quarter. //

Do you think the Torygraph printed the wrong title on that gloomy prediction?
Oh no... More bad news

UK factory activity falls 'at fastest pace for three years'.
// Mini factoryImage copyrightAFP
Activity among UK manufacturers contracted at its fastest pace for three years in July, according to a closely watched survey.
The Markit/CIPS manufacturing purchasing managers' index, the first to have full data since the UK's vote to leave the EU, showed a fall to 48.2, the lowest since February 2013. //

Ah well, there goes the recovery.
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Still no proof, just predictions based on rumours and mights, possiblys, coulds blah, blah blah....

these dipschits cant predict night after prices ? wheres the 18% drop theyve been predicting ?

"You really are living in a fantasy world" naive bremaniacs are the ones in dippydoo land...but then most of us already know that...

if these "experts" and all the others like them were correct we'd be going through the apocolypse by now...
I get the impression that a lot of people in the UK want it to fail just to prove themselves correct and be able to say " I told you it would".
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"However, the ICAEW said sentiment had “crept up” towards the end of its survey period, which stretched from April 27 to July 20, following a “significant” drop after the decision to leave the EU on June 23.

It believes UK growth will be “just positive” in the three months to September, at 0.1pc, following growth of 0.6pc between April and June."

We can all be selective.....

the problem for you bremaniacs is you are in complete and utter denial.....most brexit people knew and accepted there would be problems of one sort or another, but took that as a small price to pay for getting the country back and under our control.....

why dont you just cut your losses and admit that the country will recover and prosper from whatever might , could, may, possibly happen...just as it always does...every time we have a labour wrecking crew running things we are practically on our knees by the time they get lobbed out yet we manage to recover, so whats your problem....

just because youre wrong and cant have your own way, dont get too upset, youll get over it eventually....
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exactly vulcan....
Dream, Dream ,Dream all I want do is Dream . Only trouble is Gee Wizz, Baz is dreaming his life away!
I also notice that this article that caught the eye of the Baz, was written by a so called , Szu Ping Chan. OMG , have you jumped ship?
Question Author
what an eeyjit..havent you got some travels to be doing ....
£199 million to EU a week last year.
So a good saving once we are out.
Let's be honest here

We will not Know what the true conseqence of the brexit decision is , for at least the next decade
If it has happened by then.
If it doesn't happen there is nothing we Brexiteers can do until the 2020 (or snap) election when I and millions more will vote UKIP. TM knows she cannot duck the issue for this reason.
I've decided to join UKIP - never been a member of a party before - just to put a warning shot across the bows and remind Mrs. May that we are all still here.
The doom and gloom bremaniac brigade just can't accept the outcome of the referendum. Just let things take their course and think positive.
I've spotted this appropriate title on the TV this afternoon;

Michael Palin's New Europe - 4.10pm

Journey's End

Series 1 - Episode 7 of 7

The veteran traveller completes his journey around eastern Europe. He learns how to skin a pig and make sausages in the Tatra mountains of Slovakia, enjoys a mud bath with the 2006 Miss World Tatana Kucharova in the spa town of Karlovy Vary and visits Turba's famous mime school in the Czech Republic. Finally, he travels to the holiday complex at Prora on the island of Rug, Germany, which was built by Hitler for his `Strength Through Joy' programme. Last in the series


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Oh No...more Bad News ...

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