Katie Hopkins Strikes Again!

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sp1814 | 13:55 Mon 01st Aug 2016 | News
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Ha Queen Troll gets trolled.
I am disappointed sp - your link says 'Rant over'.

My joy was short lived.
Why do I feel happy reading this thread ?
She won't be the first or even the last to be taken in by a spoof article.

Why it is only a few weeks ago that it was announced that David Attenborough had died, and consequently it was re-announced by an ABer on this site.

/// Why do I feel happy reading this thread ? ///

Whatever floats your boat I suppose.
nope no way they could shut the entire M25.
I possibly would - but then I don't have to think about anything before opening my mouth ... although, on second thoughts, neither does Katie Hopkins!

Because she does set herself up as such a hate figure, she will accept that she has to take it when the scorn rolls in, and will doubtless laugh it off and not bother for a moment. I don't think the embarrassment gene is included in Ms Hopkins's system.

Surely she should have a producer, or 'people' to check out these things before she comments?

Taken in by a hoax, no-one's perfect. I would suggest those who dislike her are uncomfortable with strong women.
Did she, for even one minute, really believe that Britain's busiest Motorway was going to be shut at all, let alone for 7 days, for a bike race ?

If you had heard that, wouldn't you want to check the story out first, rather than announce it live on Radio ?
Question Author
There's a huge difference in posting something on AB, and broadcasting it to five million people...especially when it's based on a single news 'item' on a random website.

Also...a cursory look at the website would have rang alarm bells for most people surely.

Some of their other headlines:

- IT’S OFFICIAL! Government statistics show GRUNTING is first language of Basildon

- Southend SUSPENDED from CAPITAL OF CULTURE contest after TOWIE stars visit

- Essex and Kent residents evacuate as LAKESIDE/BLUEWATER peace talks break down

- OUTRAGE over dog placed on SEX OFFENDERS REGISTER after park incident

- MISTAKEN IDENTITY: Ice cream van DESTROYED by Islamophobic thugs as sign says ‘ICES’

(Sidebar - some of these stories are actually quite amusing).

A 'Bike Race' wasn't mentioned in the link I read

///It read: "The Orbital Committal, a race intended for only those crazy enough to have a go, is due to take place from 1-8 August 2016, and teams of four people are being invited to walk, jog or run the complete 117 miles that make up the second-longest orbital motorway in the world.///
Question Author

You wrote:

Taken in by a hoax, no-one's perfect. I would suggest those who dislike her are uncomfortable with strong women.

That's a very broad demographic. I would suggest that some dislike strong women, but others (probably the majority here), object to the fact that as a random talent show failure, Hopkin doesn't represent strong women, so much as bloody lucky women.

I would suggest those who dislike her are uncomfortable with strong women and bloody lucky Women as well.
Alas ms. Hopkins does nothing to enhance the image of women.
Sp worra about

Theresa May spits blood over knighthood for Downing St cat, Larry

Sir Larry Lamb erstwhile News of World editor commented " I fell sorry for this car. I have spent fifteen years being addressed as Slurry Lamb as tho I were a dish available i the local take away..... "
They simply changed their minds. Now it's going to have a 20mph speed limit so cyclists can use it and not get killed very often.
Donald Trump says his favourite Harry Potter character is 'Gobby' the delightful goblin helper of Harry....
''and not get killed very often''

surely you can only be killed once OG ? :-D
Question Author

Strong women:

Margaret Thatcher, Benazir Bhutto, Elizabeth I, Venus and Serena Williams, Baroness Falkender, Edith Piaf, Madonna, Rosa Parks, Nicola Adams, Ellie Simmonds, Katie Piper

Big mouths:

Katie Hopkin
I agree with baldric.

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