So, Mrs May Already Has A 'pet Project,' Than.

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Bigbad | 12:33 Sun 31st Jul 2016 | News
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^ "then"
Good's a real scourge of our times and needs a cohesive policy to deal with it.
Agree with jth, but despair at Corbyn's riposte "the police need better funding". Why is that their only strategy, gimme , gimme, gimme?
Hmm, as bad as it is, its not what id call a priority...getting us out of the frikken eussr ASAP should be top of the list...
Remember Cameron 'Big Society'?

Turned out to be a big pile of dog poo.
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Yes, but £33 million from the aid budget to fund initiatives overseas!

Jeez, what we could do with that amount of money at home!

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So, Mrs May Already Has A 'pet Project,' Than.

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