So Who Are The New Labour Supporters?

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ToraToraTora | 14:37 Thu 21st Jul 2016 | News
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Trots everyone of them. They won't let the Torylite MPs win and Corbyn lose.
I thought you registered for the previous contest anyway TTT to make sure Corbyn got in, along with thousands of other Tory supporters that wanted to make sure Labour never get elected again.

You'll no doubt be voting for him again?
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Gromit, I'm with them all the way comrade
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yeah ludwig but we've been barred since, good to see the brothers signing up though.
£ 4, 588,525 .

Nice bit of folding for the party coffers .

I bet amongst them , there are a fair few tory supporters
// So Who Are The New Labour Supporters?//

Answer, Anyone with £25 to spare it would seem.
You are not barred from voting, only those who joined this year.
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It's good to see Labour are learning from the Tories.
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whoo hoo gromit, jezza for me!
There's a meme going around the internet that goes something like..

Registering for the leadership election - £25
Jeremy Corbyn as leader - priceless

When I saw it I pmsl cos I thought it had been created by some sarcastic Tory. When I realised it hadn't and it was actually a serious sentiment from Corbyn supporters, I pmsl again.
You can get pads. Mention it to your doctor on your next visit.
What puzzled me was the BBC reporter who was at the Corbyn love-in. He seemed to suggest that the huge increase in recently acquired membership was in JC's favour.
Surely it's as a result of his King Canute impression in the recent confidence vote and they're aghast at such megalomania and want to ensure he goes?
If the members (who are voting here) had a vote on ditching the MPs who voted a no confidence in Corbyn, they would all be gone.

The vote will be closer this time, but most people are in little doubt that Corbyn will win.
Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive.

If it had not been for the tiny handful of MPs who lent Corbyn their support last year in order to get him on the ballot to 'widen the debate', even though they had no intention of voting for him, this situation would never have arisen.

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So Who Are The New Labour Supporters?

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