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bazwillrun | 15:30 Thu 21st Jul 2016 | News
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sooner the better...

All this measured , calm, blah blah is just nonsense...we have no need to worry about or abide by any eussr rules, what the hell can they do if they dont like it...just repeal all treaties etc that most sensible people knew were based on lies and deceit and get out and start running our own affairs...


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There is no mandatory time limit to invoke Article 50 so she can just tell him to shut his cake hole.
The referendum was not binding even, so the UK Government are perfectly within their right to take their time on what to do next.
must be like being savaged by a dead sheep (c) Dennis Healey. Who told the firesides they are in any way relevant?
anyway, I think gromit has it: "fermer votre trou de gâteau"
When you say that the referendum was not binding Gromit what was the point of it to take the question to the electorate ?
Hollande will be out on his harse before we are.
In legal terms, it was a sounding out exercise, to get the public's opinion. The Government do not have to follow the advice.

The rwal reason for the referendum was to get the Eurosceptic off of Cameron's back once and for all. He couldn't even get that right.
" what was the point of it to take the question to the electorate ?"
The point was, that Cameron thought that
1. By offering a referendum, he could win the election by preventing Tory voters from voting UKIP. It worked. If just a small percentage had voted UKIP instead of Tory, he'd have lost.
2. He could easily persuade enough people to vote Remain. It failed because he reckoned without the two old men (Murdoch and Dacre) who tell the majority of people in Britain, how they should vote.
you forgot 3) Lechair, the public are sick and tired of being dictated to by unelected corrupt, snout in trough anti British popinjays.
Think if you are 50 next birthday you will never see out in your life time, those older have no chance. those younger, que sera sera

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