Oh No !!!

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bazwillrun | 12:08 Sun 17th Jul 2016 | News
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You mean its true... for the most part the Bremaniacs were lying through their teeth and had nothing but empty threats in their huge arsenal of reasons to remain....

they must be getting near suicidal, what with countries queuing to have trade deals with the UK unhampered by the anti-competitive and red tape constrained eussr....


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It was Nigel Farage who always predicted this. He said that countries outside the EU were reluctant to trade whilst hamstrung by too many EUUSR rules in trade. He led the vote to leave. Whilst we had lies and threats from Camergoon and Obama this man told the truth. Not such a knuckledragging loony now!!
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Some of us always knew he was telling the truth and speaking sense, unlike the the blinkered idiots who kept insulting him....
Er, steady on lads. We haven't left yet. Bit early to claim the a jobs boost from brexit when nothing has changed yet.
I agree Gromit. Nothing has happened yet and no one would expect it to.
But what has NOT happened is a immediate emergency budget and total collapse of the pound. Those little tinkers who gave us all these threats and lies never told us they had some extra cash in the kitty as an emergency prop. Mr Carney was one of the leading liars.

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Oh No !!!

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