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It's just a craze. Keeps the kids amused.
It mirrors the real world, garbage everywhere you look.
what is it ??
I've no idea what's going on. My son was Pokemon mad at the age of 11 ish, and now aged 24 he's talking about Pokemon again.

He posted on FB that he'd seem a Jigglypuff while looking for gyms in his area of London. What??

I'll see him later tonight, so must ask.
^^^seen, not seem
They look at your mobile screen at the world (as you do if taking a photo) and the game superimposes Pokemon characters on the real world view as a sort of virtual enhancement. I think at random places on the map/real world. You travel out to go find them and do something. Fire stuff at them on your screen I think.
...their mobile screen...
It'll all be over by Christmas!
No that's when the special Xmas edition comes out with Father Squirtle and his sack, and the team of Jigglypuffs led by Rudolf the red nosed Jigglypuff.
Their lives are too easy, send them daant pit!
If you have got an iphone or ipad, try "dinosaurs everywhere"
I still don't understand it all but saw this:-
Lots people walking round concentrating on their phones = someones going to die.

At least they are safer gazing at their screens in the comfort of their own houses.

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Pokemon Go In Hospitals, In Crime Scenes, Pokemon Go Trainers. Has The World Gone Mad?

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