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The Kinnocks are irrelevant, the Tory Party isn’t in disarray, and as for salvaging what Peter Pedant describes as economic advantages, to whose real economic advantage is it that we remain in the single market which carries with it the obligation to allow the free movement of people, one of the fundamental principles the majority of the electorate...
21:59 Sun 03rd Jul 2016
If Theresa May keeps to her pledges then yes we can.
It would seem to be a silly situation having had a pro remain PM stand down only to be replaced by a pro remain leader. But then again silly situations seem to be the norm at the mo.
Only if that PM recruited an Brexiter, such as Dr Liam Fox, to be the minister who headed any negotiations with the EU.
I said this yesterday on another thread:

“We need an ‘out’ supporter for PM to ensure that we get what was democratically voted for.
I think an ‘in’ supporter will sell us down the river - most likely The Rhine and The Danube”.

Otherwise we’ll be fobbed off with a ‘compromise’ that will be geared towards the complaining remainers, rather than the democratically reached leave decision.

Migration was one of the biggest issues, and I think that will be the first thing to be ‘compromised’ on.
You can't trust any of them.

Boris was always a Remainer until he saw it as a chance to topple Cameron (which back fired on him).
Leadsom was saying not long ago that Leaving would be economical disaster.
Whoever the new Prime Minister turns out to be, Nigel Farage should be contracted in to manage Brexit.

Great idea there Naomi.
Why do you think Farage would be a good Brexit negotiator N & B?
Like Boris declining to be Prime Minister, Farage would run a mile from that job.
Experience with dealing and speaking with the EU parliament. He actually tells them how it is .Seeing as he instigated Brexit he should be afforded ansay. The EU are not
Laughing at him now are they???
Can we trust ANY Prime Minister to manage ANYTHING? Given their trail of broken manifesto and other "promises" over many years, I doubt it.
You really want Farage to be the mouthpiece of Britain? I'm beginning to think there's a secret plan to just totally ruin this country.

(And if TTT's looking in.....yep, that's a conspiracy theory).
// The EU are not Laughing at him now are they? //

Yes they are.
Farage tells it like it is? Farage makes it up, like Boris, because he doesn't know a lot
I reckon he'll have a better handle on the people he aimed his comments at than you and your left wing chums, jno.
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"Why do you think Farage would be a good Brexit negotiator N & B? " - surprised you had to ask zacs, probably being obtuse but I'll bite. Because the last thing we need is a remainiac rolling over, we need someone that hates the EU and St Nigel kicks their sorry backsides every time.
Gromit (16:40)......1-0 to Junker methinks !

He has a point....why is Farage and his motley crew still there ?

Apart from the huge opportunity to keep their noses firmly in the truffle-filled trough of course.

Why there is a call to have Farage in any British Government Team is beyond me....shouldn't he get himself elected first ?
Oh ok. So your not worried that the Europe that still accounts for around £12 billion of our exports per month may be affected by Farage being our representative?
Farage and his 'motley crew' have every right to be there. They have unfinished business and will stay there till the deed is done.

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