Can Boris Prove He Is The New Churcill?

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anotheoldgit | 13:28 Tue 28th Jun 2016 | News
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Well it seems that 'our' Katie has stepped up to the oche and self self-appointed herself 'interim Prime Minister'.

/// You can focus on a piece of graffiti on a Polish community centre and talk about it all you want. It doesn’t make Leave voters racist. ///

/// Just as blaming old people for voting leave doesn’t make you ageist does it? It just makes you very bloody ungrateful to the generations who fought twice for the peace that even makes the EU possible. ///

/// Someone has got to step up and fill the void - and here I am! ///

/// As the self-appointed interim Prime Minister, I’m laying out my road-map for Boris to follow when he finally wakes up, stops feeling bad about winning and realises it is his time to Serve to Lead, as the Sandhurst motto goes. ///


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There is always someone with a big mouth who never learnes when to shut it. I realise being a political leader you have to sometimes say things that aren't going to be popular, and sometime things that are, but most of the time the smart person knows when 'Silence is Golden".
Taylorowen; I can't imagine of whom you speak, it can't be Boris because all and sundry demanded speeches and interviews from him since the ref. and he sensibly said only as little as was required.
// I never thought I would see Churchill and Boris in the same sentence ! //

or even compose one Mikey - you will erm notice that C'hill and Bojo are in the same sentence between the // s
This is an interesting experiment.
Running a country without a Government and an Opposition.
We have a government! The Opposition does not run the country, so irrelevant.

Cameron is still P.M. isn't he? No one has been elected yet to replace him.
What .....err.... other party/opposition do you mean??? Lib Dums maybe.
It gives me an idea for a TV show I'm going to call it "Yes Minister" do you think it would catch on

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Can Boris Prove He Is The New Churcill?

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