Perhaps The Bremaniacs Should Listen To The Voice Of Their Leader

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bazwillrun | 11:45 Tue 28th Jun 2016 | News
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"Martin Schulz was forced to intervene, warning members that "one major quality of democracy is that you listen to those even if you don't share their opinion"

unless of course you dont like the results of a democratic vote !!!


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Well Juncker seems cheerful enough anyway!
He's probably drunk TTT!
Baz did you watch him make his statement ?
The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter
Winston Churchill.

Like I've said before a decision of this magnitude should never have been down to the voting public.. to quote another great icon

There are a lot of clever people on this planet but there are far more divs !

Karl Pillington

Unfortunately in a democracy divs also get to vote. ( as we've found out as a great cost )

Sorry if anyone has been offended by my name calling but I have been called far worse on here for just airing my opinion!
Not offended at all. Did you vote
That's because you have the opinion of an up your *** ***.
Yes I voted to remain. ( waitING for the well you're a moron comment...again ( yawns))
Sorry Gromit, your link was not coming up originally.
all these things need time,speed & politicsnot bed fellows,the sky has not fallen in,no earthquakes.keep calm & wait &see
No probs. One for each ear.
Gromit, thank you for posting that. Well said, Mr Farage. Brilliant!
indefinable I have no intention of calling you or anyone else for that matter a moron. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion that’s what so great about democracy. It only those that want their own way that argue against democracy regardless of who they are
Haha Farage has the gonads to tell them to stick it where it hurts. Put him in charge of invoking Article 50 AND the trade negotiations.
indefinable, // I have been called far worse on here for just airing my opinion! //

Me too - but I took it as a compliment. ;o)
Togo, I'll second that.
Why do the ones who cant resist on wearing a cap, because they feel it may fit them, then go on to blame someone else when they realise that it may may not "suit" them?
From 'The Spectator".

// We could have two referendums, he suggested Boris Johnson. We would vote to leave, but instead of leaving, we would negotiate a better deal with the EU, and then have a second referendum to endorse the improved terms. //
I like the youve never had aproper job jn your life.

Absolute corker. Watch the lass behind when he says it!

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Perhaps The Bremaniacs Should Listen To The Voice Of Their Leader

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