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Saw this a few days ago didn't have the nerve to post it
Question Author
Bertram - it has certainly put many in a spin....
Having spent 3 years living in Central Africa I know that skin whitening creams are among the most common 'beauty products' with up to 75% of the female population using them.
The adverts are unashamedly racist.
The actor in the advert must have been happy with it. He's accepted his fee without complaint.
It's been met in the country of origin with apathy and that is all it merits in my book - we know it won't be appearing on out screens.
^ our
who knows, there have been others
I was meaning now.
Was there not an advert for a drink called Umbongo
With the slogan 'Umbongo,Umbongo they drink it in the Congo'?
here we are
It kept crows in work for a while.
yes, I tend to think ads like that directed at kids are worse than detergent ads aimed at adults.
Ah yes, the crows.
Where is Qiaobi available? Searched Morrisons, Tesco, Asda...can't find it.
Need to do some cleansing.
We shouldn't take life to serious, I thought it was funny!
So did I, trt.
hope it was a 40 degree wash.
Get over yourself, chill.
See ? It does wash off after all !

No I don't think it qualifies as racist because there is nothing abusive, denigrating, nor unfair going on. It's humour and only works when someone with a darker skin seems to be lightened due to the cleaning product. It may not be everyone's taste in humour, and probably too senstive to air here, but that doesn't make it racist. Merely humour based on race.

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