Brexit = Failed Marraiages - P M S L

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ToraToraTora | 13:48 Sat 28th May 2016 | News
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Latest from the remainiacs scare the bejesus out of them dept!


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But of course.

We hear all the time of a partner getting a better job elsewhere in the country, having to move, and the marriage falls apart. Why wouldn't an exit from the EU not be just as devastating ? Love and commitment is so vulnerable to these types of things. Any little issue destroys partnerships.
She hadn't thought that through very well to say the least.
///. Any little issue destroys partnerships.///
Not if both parties are committed to the marriage.I think most marriages survive 'little issues'

I don't know about Immigration Rules, but Mrs B. is the only person I know who is undecided and is wavering towards remain atm.

Watch this space!!!
The more I see of these embarrassing, clueless Remaniacs making total prats of themselves, the more certain I am that common sense and Leave will prevail.
And that should worry me because ??
I’m a little puzzled (not for the first time when listening to Remainiacs).

Is this person suggesting that should the UK leave the EU then all people from other EU nations that have settled here will be deported? Leaving aside the legality of such a move, why on earth would the UK want to deport shedloads of working people many of whom are employed in healthcare, finance and other businesses?

At present the UK cannot expel convicted murderers due to Human Rights legislation. Those people usually lay claim to Article 8 of the ECHR (the right to a family life). Somebody who is here and married (and so entitled to protection under Article 8) is hardly likely to be expelled simply because the UK has withdrawn from the EU. Just what planet are these people living on? And to think, they will have a vote on 23rd June.

When she says she is interesting the Green Party ... Is there another one other the one that bangs on about environmental issues?
Speed-read the link - looks like utter rubbish to me.
I don't care what the bookies or the opinion polls say, I am of the firm conviction that the vote will be LEAVE, unless I have misjudged my fellow citizens.
I agree with you jackdaw33,time to get out and sort ourselves out without the froggies, krauts, and spaghetti, eaters inteference
some of the marriages of convenience in the government will be under severe stress whoever wins.
I placed my bet last week, jackdaw! 4- 1 against. First time I've been in a bookies' for 30 years, but I did win £80 on the Tote (on outsider) last year at York. Betting shops have changed a lot.
The Remainians would have more joy if had warned that Brexit will cause more marriages.
Oh dear Mew Judge - your little secret is out ....

if we leave the EU - article 8 of the ECHR will still be THERE !

which kinda means what the LCJ was saying - the principles of the ECHR have been incorporated into Common Law so even repealing the Human Rights Act and abrogating the treaty as well as leaving the EU ..... wont do

interesting? What The Funicular ?

That's why I hate posting using an ipad ...
That is sheer rubbish, PP. Aspects of common law can be overridden by a simple Act of Parliament, as you should well know.
//if we leave the EU - article 8 of the ECHR will still be THERE ! //

Until we repeal it, and instigate our own Bill of Rights, you know one that suits us. Perhaps enshrining the rights of victims above the rights of perps.

I have to say that me and MrAsk are at loggerheads, I'm all for leaving the EU but he is saying we should Remain. Today we filled in our postal votes. Me out him In. I am incensed. I've been pointing out the error of his ways all week but he has ignored my reasoning. This schism in our marriage may never be healed if the Remains win by 1 vote.
Mrs Ask, when he wasn't looking you should have quietly disposed of his vote.

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Brexit = Failed Marraiages - P M S L

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