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Could a white vigilante group get away with this?
"Ne'er cast a clout till May is out"

Nice one. OG. May was touted as a future Tory leader, she has as much chance as a cat in hell.
'May shows some front...again'
Sycophant suggests sharia's sweet.
There is only one law in this country and it must be applied to all - or else they go. May is not fit for purpose.

I have myself explained to Muslim teenagers (many times) that no marriage is valid in this country unless a registrar is present, but, although they were very polite, I could see they did not believe me.
This does not apply to weddings conducted in the C of E. Also not to marriages conducted abroad.
Are you sure, Jack? Every C of E wedding I have been to in my long life has had a pause and music whilst the bridal couple disappear into the vestry where the registrar is waiting to do his/her bit, also the text-book I was using said the same.

Marriages abroad are under the law of the country they are conducted in, of course.
Sure, jourdain. There is no registrar in the vestry. C of E clergy have the right to act as registrars as it is the established church. The priest conducting the wedding signs as registrar.
Thanks for that, Jackdaw. It still means that there has to be a Registrar present, doesn't it, even if it is the priest officially acting in that capacity. I did often wonder about a Registrar sitting there in silence all tat time. :)

I've never been married in Church. We are contemplating it when we've got over the cost of the windows.

Anyway, I was right in telling them that a mosque wedding alone was not
legal and a Registrar (or official substitute) had to 'do the deed'.
You are right there. The priest is the 'registrar'. I know this because as an ex-organist I have played at countless weddings. Sometimes the registers are signed in the body of the church, it varies. My brother was married in the RC church. When he arrived for the service it was cancelled because the priest had forgotten to book the registrar. He got married three days later.
:o) Jackdaw
As a statement it is true. A lot of Male Muslim UK citizens have benefited by not having to make proper arrangements to get a divorce or having to pay maintenance to an ex wife. That of course does not mean it is acceptable for the UK, it obviously is not.
Porn magazine magnate's "newspaper" has totally misleading headline, and bunch of dumbos start howling.
Could a white vigilante group get away with this?

yes, Jewish Beth Din courts.
TheChair, before putting foot in mouth it's advisable to read beyond headlines.

jno, no comparison.
// I have myself explained to Muslim teenagers (many times) that no marriage is valid in this country unless a registrar is present,//

that would be to muslim lads wouldnt it
the girls generally have more brains ....

altho I have to say that trying to explain anything ( as a non teacher ) to anyone under 20 y of age by and large is a waste of time
they seem to need to have to do the experiment
Home secretary admits: I need to be certified - official
This is what she actually said, from lower down the same article !
“Many British people of different faiths follow religious codes and practices, and benefit a great deal from the guidance they offer.''

“A number of women have reportedly been victims of what appear to be discriminatory decisions taken by Sharia councils, and that is a significant concern''.

“There is only one rule of law in our country, which provides rights and security for every citizen''
So the actual quote says the opposite of what The Express headline says!!!
Definitely the worst case of taking a quote out of context and making it mean what you want it to say I have ever seen.
I hope 'The Express ' is sued and made to print a front page apology !
By the way I am far from being a fan of Theresa May, but this is ridiculous.
It must be close to Liable.

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