Olympics In Jeopardy?

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ChillDoubt | 20:19 Fri 27th May 2016 | News
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More than 100 scientists urge the WHO to move or postpone the event over the Zika virus:

As some have I'd have to consider participation were I an athlete.


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When I read the title of this thread I thought it was the latest scare story from REMAIN!
I`ve been to Brasil three times since Easter (and was bitten by a mozzie the last time I was there). I`m still alive. I would certainly still be travelling there if I was an athlete.
Well it is looking too dodgy to have them in Brazil ... but where the hell is Jeopardy?
Unless you were pregnant I'm not sure what the fuss is, there are mosquitoes the world over and they've long carried other viruses such as Dengue & Chikithingy. It hasn't stopped people travelling before.
Quite a year for Brazil what with the controversy with the President, the fear that the infrastructure would not be in place for Rio and then the spread of the virus!

I think despite the risk that the games will go ahead but yet again we have more news of positive drugs retests. The whole situation with regard to the Russian Federation is a big concern with many high profile names such as high jump champion, Anna Chicherova, who has just been named as failing.

The Zike virus is one thing but the cancer of drug cheating is seriously blighting the reputation of the games to an ever increasing extent.
agree Jackie
Hey look everyobody ! a non Brexit thread !
a rarity in itself
If only!!!! It could be abandoned for ever as far as I'm concerned!
I was in Rio over Easter. I was impressed by how litter free it was. The city authorities have put large orange bins everywhere. They are every 100 mtrs or so along all of the beaches. There wasn`t a scrap of litter anywhere. If only they would do that here - or more to the point, if only people here would actually use them.
237...I've just come back from holiday and although I loved Malta it's a *** compared with here.
Starred out word is poohole...
I went to Malta when I was about 12 and my main memory is seeing drowned puppies floating in the water in Valetta harbour - funny what images remain with us.
It's full of litter. Shocking how people can't use a bin. England/UK is slagged off so much but it's a beautiful country. Luscious greenery I always miss.
Another thing I find with (don`t know about Malta) but Latin countries is that they LOVE their grafitti. It`s everywhere!
Regarding litter in this country, isn't it true that bins in London were removed because the IRA used to hide their bombs in them? I'm trying to think if I've seen any bins in London over the last few years, and I don't think I have. Or is that an urban myth?
I think it`s a myth. There are bins around. On stations, they tend to have those holders with clear plastic bin bags so that you can see what`s in the bin.
I don't know what stations you use, 237, but there's no bins in any stations I use in the UK.
It could be difficult to find a bin in Manchester in places like the Arndale shopping centre and Manchester Piccadilly train station, I assumed due to a security risk. There are now some bin stands with clean bin bags in the station though so see through. Plenty of bins outside round the city centre though.
Ummm - my local station (outer London) has them and they have them on some tube stations
Sorry, that should be clear bin bags not clean!

I've definitely seen them in Manchester Piccadilly station.
// there are mosquitoes the world over and they've long carried other viruses such as Dengue & Chikithingy//

yeah they're ccalled arbo viruses see here

the other scientists are saying that global travel wont cease if you postpone the Olympics - and that is the thing that is driving the spread. Olympic travel is a minute part of global travel

and I have to say I think the other scientists have it ....

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Olympics In Jeopardy?

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