Did Anyone Watch The Eu Debate On Bbc Last Night?

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Bigbad | 05:37 Fri 27th May 2016 | News
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I’m sorry to say that it’s made me even more certain that it will be a vote to stay.
The panel and audience members who spoke for staying in, got longer and louder applause than the leavers.

The girl that got ratty with the other girl whose disabled mother couldn’t get a council bungalow saying “just remember how many immigrants have built this nation, like my family, and a lot of people in this audience’ families.”
And here lies a big part of the problem - there are now so many 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th generation immigrants, that none of them see immigration as an issue, (particularly if they think they really have “built this country”) whereas for the Brexiters, it is one of the biggest.

Mind you, the ratty one also said “how many people go on holiday in summer or Christmas time and don’t think twice about it”
Others seem to think they couldn’t work or study in Europe if we leave, and another thinks it’s great the the EU has forced the cost of mobile phone roaming charges down.
Do people REALLY believe holidays/studying/working in Europe will completely stop if we leave?
And, oh my goodness, cheaper mobile phone charges whilst on holiday are a definite reason to stay, aren’t they? So much more important than those billions we give to the EU!
"There are so many 5th generational immigrants." A generation is 30 years approx (and first generation can be up to 50 years ago) so you're talking about people who came over during the French Revolution (and before).
I've heard of people saying they are Norman with a dash of Viking, but this is ridiculous!
One young lady said she would vote in because her mobile phone roaming charges were so high. Hardly a reason.
Question Author
One man on the 'Last Whites to leave the East End' programme earlier in the week was described as a 5th generation immigrant. His family had come to the UK in the thirties, which is why I said 5th Generation.
If roaming charges are force reduced then prices go up for the non-roamers who then subsidise them in order for the profits to stay constant. Thanks EU for getting me to subsidise those who can afford foreign travel.
Question Author
I have just played back “Last whites”, and I was mistaken. The man wasn’t described as 5th generation, so apologies for that one.

However a 5th generation based on your 30 years figure would mean that someone who is now 30 themselves, would have Great Great Grandparents born around 1866. (Or 1846 if the first generation was 50 years). According to Wiki, the French Revolution occured 1798-1799.
In fairness folk can have children in their teens, and someone fresh off the boat can have a second generation born to them within years. Then effectively leaves you 86 years divided by 4 and a bit, which is parenthood by 21; so whilst 5th generation is pushing the definitions a bit, it is theoretically possible. Not that, that is particularly relevant to the OP.
I was taught that a generation was about 33 years.
The 'generation' argument is silly, yes indeed many immigrants helped build this country and yes many prop up the NHS now BUT, when is it time to say enough is enough?
On a smaller scale let me explain.
If one person knocked my door and asked for help I would help them as much as I could, and if a week later 2 people did the same I would help them, but if a week later 10 knocked my door for help I'd have to say no, I cannot help, then the week after 20 knocked my door, again i'd have to say no, because I could never sustain it and so on.
This country is bursting at the seams not only with legal immigration but with illegal immigration, we are full, housing, schools, NHS etc etc just cannot take any more. Its time to take control of who comes here, that is the reason why I am an OUT voter!
The average age of UK women having their first baby is 30.2 years so that's probably not so far out for an average.
There were 10,000 s who came here in the 1930 s to escape Hitler and more who came in the 1900 s to get away from WW 1. Many are now in their 5th generation here. There are 3 generations in most family's now, Grand parent, Parent and child many have 4 living generations with great grandchildren or great grand parents as well. So 5th generation immigrants are not unusual.
the fat blond teenager who was wittering about mobile hone charges is the reason i despair of that particular generation (however, i do dip my cap to the exceptions of this belief!!!). i hope her parents are in hiding today from the shame (but i doubt that).
Typical worthless debate manimulated by a cherry picked audience from the beeb. How many remember the UK and how it prospered pre EU?
A Scots lass thought her free uni tuition would disappear in Europe if there was Brexit
If this is our future with so called intelligent kids
worrying about holiday roaming charges then God help us. Certainly an eye opener showing the shallow immaturity
Of brainwased kids!!!

A lot of kids are intelligent, composed and rational. Many of the people on last night though hadn't thought through their arguments. Their shouting was really annoying me. I would have turned if off if OH wasn't watching it.
Question Author
Eddie, I wish I could remember what I was watching earlier this week where someone was described as “a 5th generation immigrant”.
I have permanently deleted everything from my Sky planner that I watched before yesterday, so I guess I’ll never know!
How much of the applause sound was fixed? On the subject of the BBC. Did anyone see that strange propaganda animated cartoon showing someones journey to calais migrant camp? It was on the BBC news yesterday. I kid you not.
Question Author
Yes, I saw it TTG.
I’m rather hoping that next time they will have a sad faced clown to mime an immigrant story, in the style of Pierrot!

It’s just another example of the soppy, sentimental biased reporting by the BBC. Like when the interviewer told the man from Gambia that “we all wish you well”, and the news reader who asked “what will happen to these poor people now?”
"The panel and audience members who spoke for staying in, got longer and louder applause than the leavers. " - so you are using the opportunity knocks clapometer method then! You don't have any knowledge of your own? You are what politicians love, enough people like it so it must be right! Hell in a hand cart!

/// Did anyone see that strange propaganda animated cartoon showing someones journey to calais migrant camp? It was on the BBC news yesterday. I kid you not. ///

Yes I did, and here it is, but I must warn some of our more sympathetic ABers to get their Kleenex at the ready.
Watching the program has left me more perplexed.

Why do we bother voting a leading gov if EU hold control over us?

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