Sharon Osbourne Criticised

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Caribeing | 10:58 Mon 23rd May 2016 | News
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Sharon Osbourne has been severely criticised for saying that the McCann's were insane for leaving Madeleine alone on the night she vanished Sharon made the remarks on an American chat show while discussing parents leaving children alone, she has now been blasted as ignorant and ill informed, but it's true that Madeleine was left alone.


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She has as much right as anyone to voice an opinion, many people don't disagree with her !!!!!
11:25 Mon 23rd May 2016
It is true, and it has been said before but there really was no reason for Sharon to discuss it on tv.
An emotive word 'insane' but she is not far off the mark. At best, the McCann's were complacent.

I wonder what adjective Katie Hopkins would have used

Sharon Osbourne is a fine one to be criticising anyone on parenting in my opinion.
Point taken ladybirder but she didn't leave a toddler on their own as far as I know.
She has as much right as anyone to voice an opinion, many people don't disagree with her !!!!!
I can't argue with the sentiment - if not the language - of Mrs Osbourne's observation.

However - public figures making pronouncements on something which has had far more than its fair share of media coverage is largely redundant, and in this case, it adds nothing to the situation except to re-enforce the fact that the McCann's were neglectful in their duty of care to their children - but that is something of which they are only too well aware, and will be aware of it through their waling hours for the rest of their lives.
I'm not saying that her opinion is wrong, it is unnecessary to state it.
Sorry - 'waking hours' - although the automatic typo correction may have inadvertently added a point!
Another example of some folk taking offence on behalf of someone else.

Life is all about language, some of it colourful. There have probably been thousands of uncomplimentary comments towards the McCann's. Sharon's is just another opinion that hardly merits any comment.

I wonder these days if more applications are made to the OED compilers to remove words than add them.
The reality of 'Newspeak'. ;o)
An emotive word 'insane'

more than emotive, incorrect.
I don't see anyone on this thread that has taken offence either at a particular word nor everything Sharon said on the matter.

Naomi > The reality of 'Newspeak'. ;o)

This has been discussed many times over the years, and I don't see the point why Ms Osbourne is bringing it up again.
Was she there when her kids got hooked on drugs?

The McCann's are obviously aware of the criticism and they will never ever forget the day she disappeared, so they should be left alone IMO.
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I don't think Sharon was offensive in her comments she was just giving an example of children left alone and obviously The Mc Cann situation was a prominent example.
The reason SO bought up this case in particular is that the program was discussing a recent thread on Mumsnet where it was discussed if it was OK to leave a 10month baby on their own.

SO therefore raised the issue of MM as an example of what can happen - nothing wrong with that.
The McCanns are not the only ones that have left their kids in what they perceived to be s safe place, no matter what people are saying now.

Someone on here recently recalled the days when Butlins operated a "chalet patrol" service and 100,000's of parents must have used that facility.

So I will take any criticism of the McCanns with a great shovel of salt.

Having said that, I'm not sure why Sharon Osbourne, who is famous only for being the wife of someone famous, should think its appropriate to shoot her mouth off on nationwide TV....haven't the McCann family got enough troubles already ?
The day I start worrying about or taking SO's opinion seriously will be a sad day. It will also be the day hell freezes over.
I agree, Mikey. I think I might have mentioned the Butlins chalet patrol in another thread, and I remember my parents getting ready to go out and leave my sister and me. I have also left my son alone in a hotel room- while I went down for dinner or a drink. The McCanns took a risk and paid a terrible price. They were not insane. Sharon should leave them alone.
Zca...begger off and enjoy that holiday !

Are you taking a side trip to Yosemite ? Extremely well worth doing if you can.

I can guarantee in advance, that it will be one of the most beautiful places you have ever visited.

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