Turkey Visa Deal Will Increase Risk Of Terrorist Attacks, Eu Report Reveals

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naomi24 | 08:29 Tue 17th May 2016 | News
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Have they just realised?

//The disclosure came as Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI6, warned that the decision to give Turkey visa-free travel is “perverse” and compared it to “storing gasoline next to the fire”.//

Can someone tell me where the sense is in giving 75 million Turks the right to enter the Schengen zone in order to halt the flow of migrants from Turkey to Greece? The European Commission has recently also proposed visa-free travel deals with Kosovo, Ukraine and Georgia, which are blighted by organised crime. They’re stark raving mad!


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On another subject (Brexit) a former head of M16 stated that some of the migrants pouring into Europe would inevitably' carry the terrorist virus' and trigger a populist uprising.
Nos**t Sherlock.

What planet do these people live in. How is it that it has been plainly obvious to most of us on here?

Is the EU full of blinkered Socialists?
I have mentioned before, socialism has no direct connection to opening up your nations borders to all & sundry.

Meanwhile these sorts of decisions are made and folk still want to remain in the mire. It's a strange world.
//Is the EU full of blinkered Socialists?//

I don't know about socialists blinkered or otherwise.
I see wide eyed corrupt , self serving, meglomaniacs though. Mr Cameron would fit in nicely with them if his sham succeeds for him.
Don't worry Angie will root out this evil.
She is probably scouring the corridors of the Berlaymont building as we speak looking for those responsible for this report.
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Who worked out the logistics here? 75 million Turks, approximately 2 million Kosovans, approximately 46 million Ukrainians, and about 4 million Georgians. By my reckoning that amounts to approximately 127 million people, most of whom are Muslim, being given free access to Europe. How can that possibly be reconciled with the potential flow of migrants coming from Turkey to Greece? It’s crazy!

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Turkey Visa Deal Will Increase Risk Of Terrorist Attacks, Eu Report Reveals

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