Conditions For Movement Within The Eu

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Khandro | 13:03 Fri 13th May 2016 | News
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A British person to has the right to stay in any other EU country providing they have a valid UK passport. The only requirement is that they register in the host country, have enough money to sustain themselves and have comprehensive health insurance.
It now appears that instead of the 0.9m. immigrants into Britain we were told the number is actually 2.4m.
Do you think that all these people have fulfilled the same conditions that the British moving to other European countries have to do?


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Interesting as the estimated UK born citizens living and working in the rest of the EU is 1.2 million. So Gordon Brown wasn't understanding the issue. He probably thought more were leaving to work elsewhere than were coming here to work. Then add in the non-workers and the screw really turns. Plus those who come here will often be those taking lower skilled jobs (at pittance wages) that could be done by unemployed here given a decent rate/conditions, were there enough incentive/psychological aid for the intentionally unemployed to get them opting to contribute.
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When I moved to Germany I had to prove we had sufficient funds to sustain ourselves and as I have a pension that it had to be received here, and that our health care was covered. These are EU rules, but they don't seem to apply to your Romanian/ Latvian etc. immigrating into Britain.

The EU is incredibly assymetric with regard to its relationship with us. I've just started a thread in a similar vein, in which enlargement countries are disparaged as under-developed, with famland operating at barely subsistence level.

Imposing the listed requirements on citizens of "country cousins" nations, to come here would, effectively disbar them before they've set foot outside the door.

Likewise, I can't afford London rents until *after* I've secured a job with pretty decent pay but each job interview would be about £60-70 in petrol, or a small mortgage for a train journey (of 6-7 hours).

I can't claim JSA yet and that wouldn't enable me to eat if I kept looking for jobs that far away.

How come migrants can move 2-3000 miles and get work? What the photon is going on?
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Hypo; //The EU is incredibly assymetric...//
Yes it would appear so.

//Imposing the listed requirements on citizens of "country cousins" nations, to come here would, effectively disbar them//

Well that would be a bulwark against the flow and I don't think the requirement to state how immigrants intend to support themseves and what funding they have, is the law, reasonable and need not disbar them all.

Oh, and I forgot to add, like everyone in Germany, we have to be registered with the police.
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No they dont.

All the more reason, should we vote to remain, would be to reduce our benefits to the level of the lowest EU nation and dumo the NHS.

After all that is what will happen eventually.

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Conditions For Movement Within The Eu

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