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Jackdaw33 | 03:57 Wed 04th May 2016 | News
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...the only thing between Trump and the White House will be Hillary. Fascinating.


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Have thought that for quite some time.
Me too.
If he wins he will be able to do b***r all,the opposition will block every move he tries to make
Hillary. Or a lone gunman?
Question Author
You may well have a point there, Douglas.
The Republican Party are sleepwalking to disaster here. It should have realised that this situation would arise and done something about it earlier.

All those no-hopers that have dropped out of the race one by one over the last few weeks should have got together around one credible candidate.

I still think that there are not enough stupids in America to elect an ogre like Trump, but Hilary is going to have her work cut out for the next few months.
Mikey, //It should have realised that this situation would arise//

Be honest now. You didn't believe that this situation would arise. Far from it.
Question Author
The American electorate is very unpredictable. The received wisdom here was that Reagan was a joke candidate with no chance of winning. Not only did he beat Carter, four years later he was returned by a landslide, winning 49 out of 50 states.
Naomi.....very few people in the know thought this situation would arise, even you, who always pretends to know everything !

If, as most sources are predicting, the Democrat Party wins this November, it will mean yet another 4-8 years in the political wilderness for the Republicans.

It was shown quite clearly that having weirdo candidates in an Election does not didn't work with the Magic Underpants candidate and the risible Palin woman and its unlikely to work this time either.
Question Author
Weirdo candidates? How about the current Labour leader?
Mikey, oh my! And that from the man who cries "Don't shoot the messenger!" whenever it suits him. I don't pretend to know everything, but unlike you I’m aware that putting finger to keyboard before engaging brain is not a sensible thing to do. Try it.
Well I hadn't heard he'd get a wall built and make the Welsh pay for it.
Magic Underpants? I thought Chris Bryant was a Labour MP.
I don't think the Republican party has been sleepwalking for the last few months. They simply have been unable to stop Trump, because, after all, people have been voting for him. Perhaps if there hadn't been such a divided field from the start Trump would have only had to fight against one or two candidates. But there was, so he had the advantage for that, and has milked it for all that it was worth and then some.

I don't think that many people are going to mourn the withdrawal of Ted Cruz from the race. Anyone who bothered to pay attention to what Trump and Cruz were saying will have seen that Cruz was right-wing in the sort of way that makes Nigel Farage look like a communist; whereas, ironically, one of Trump's problems with the Republican party is that he isn't actually right-wing enough for them.

So, Clinton v. Trump it is then.

Question Author
It's a reference to the Mormons(Mitt Romney) who are reputed to wear magic underwear.
Trump and Corbyn. Vastly different ideals but still jokes that have risen to the top by the protest vote.

Trump, as with Crobyn, IF they find themselves in a proper top job would be blocked at every turn. Their tenure at the top will be dogged with protests by their own and opposition party's and 'the people' will realise what numpties they have foisted on the rest of the country/world.

The shame of it is that they make their party unelectable on a national level.
Ah, I thought he was on about this. (don't click if you've just had your breakfast)
Jack....(08:23) topic.

Naomi....I will take that sort of advice from nobody, especially you. I shall continue to voice my opinion, whether you agree with it of not !

Jim....if all the millions of votes for unelectable Republican candidates had been available for a serious challenge to Trump, he would already have failed.

Question Author
How was I off topic? You mentioned weirdo candidates and I gave you an example.
Jack.........the topic is the American Election. You should know, as you started it !

If you start a new thread, about Corbyn and the Labour Party, I shall be glad to debate with you.

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