Just In Case You Missed It, Leicester City Are Premiership Champions.

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anotheoldgit | 14:02 Tue 03rd May 2016 | News
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I am not a great sports fan, but in all my years I have not noticed so much media time spent on a football club becoming Premiership Champions.

Even the politicians have become engaged in the mass hysteria and some have mentioned the fact that it is because Leicester is the UK's most diverse city, whatever that has got to do with it, and one night the TV news took us a trip down a typical trading street to highlight how diverse the shops were.

Why, Why, Why?

/// Peter Soulsby, the directly elected Mayor of Leicester, also portrayed Leicester’s success as a victory for multiculturalism. ///

/// Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme he said: ///

/// "It is probably the most diverse city anywhere in Europe and many people in Leicester see the team as a metaphor for the city, showing what you can achieve when you bring together a very diverse group of people who others have written off". ///

Surely it is the diverse mixture of players who kick the ball, and not those "who others have written off", who have achieved Leicester City's success?


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Congratulations to the whole of Leicester!

Sorry, I can't answer your questions just wanted to say that.
This is a wonderful achievement for the football club, and the city are not going to let their tenuous connection to it go by without making some social and political capital out of it.
it wouldn't be difficult for leicester's fan base to be seen as "diverse" when set against that of Manchester United, since most of their fans allegedly live in Surrey.
I saw on the news this morning (BBC2 11 am-or so) that the owner had asked a Buddhist monk to bless them and wish them good luck - it seems to have worked

Well done Leicester footy team and Mr Selby too (he seems to be getting ignored)
For football fans the story isn't about diversity, it is about a small (relatively) poor club beating super-rich ones It is a real Roy of the Rovers story of 5000-1 outsiders taking on the richest pampered players in the world, and coming out top.

Well done Leicester City.
The South Wales pubs will be heaving with fat lads in Leicester City shirts this summer.
We saw an amazing number of Blackburn Rovers fans a few years ago but I think they must have all moved now.
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Quite an achievement but I agree with AOG that the coverage is a bit OTT; also that it has got sweet FA to do with the city per se and everything to do with the players and manager.
alba, the team's owned by a rich Thai at the moment, as I recall.

Still, no harm in civic pride. The England cricket team all got royal honours for the feat of beating Australia, a country with about a third the population, some years ago.

Is this a real problem?

I ask because even as a non-football fan, I think this is a pretty fantastic story, and isn't it great to have a nice positive story every once in a while.

And so what if Leicester's racial diversity is being celebrated.

So...flipping what?

What's the big deal.

For God's doubt we will have a nice horrible story to wallow in tomorrow...can't we have a day off without someone trying to bring the rest of us down?
every time i read any thread that you have posted on, I cannot fail to notice that you always have a pos-neg response. I guess you must be a police officer or a solicitor
Part of Leicester's success can be attributed to the constant failure of their opponents' to adapt their own style of play to deal adequately with the Foxes strategy. It is just as staggering for me to see Chelsea have such a wretched season, the Manchester clubs always off the pace,Arsenal's capitulation and Liverpool who never seem to find any consistency.

It is an excellent achievement by Leicester but, in my view, should be tempered by the bizarre disappointments by all of the likely title challengers at the start of the season...

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Just In Case You Missed It, Leicester City Are Premiership Champions.

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