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cashier | 15:14 Sun 24th Apr 2016 | News
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I assumed that as a person on the electoral list since 1969 I would automatically be able to vote in the referendum in June. I was told today that I need to register to be allowed to vote on 23rd June. Have been to the registration site and as I read it I will be able to vote without further registration. Can someone please enlighten me regards this.

THank you.


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who told you that? If you are registered to vote, you will be registered to vote in hte referendum
In simple terms you need to be on the electoral roll and we no longer get the letters through the post to renew our details anymore, you have to do it online now. if you've already done it in the last year you'll be fine.
I still get a letter, Prudie. But I do make my re-registration online.

Same as NJ, still get the letter.
Sorry come to think of it I also get the letter but fairly sure I can't post it back like I used to. Has to be online for the majority.
I'm sure, though I can't be certain, that the last letter I got gave my current details, and if nothing had changed I was to do nothing. I think also there was an option to do it over the phone via an automatic link.
It may be different here in Wales, as I did have a letter earlier this year.

But the big difference is that the "householder" isn't responsible for including all the eligible people in a property any more.....the registration is now individual ( I think I have that right )

But Cashier, as long as you are included on your local Electoral list, you should have no problems with voting in May or in June.
If you get a polling card you're on the list; no probs.

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