Gareth Thomas, Blake's 7 Actor, Dies Aged 71

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wolf63 | 12:09 Thu 14th Apr 2016 | News
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So did I, wolfy.

RIP Gareth.
Loved the show too. RIP
I only ever got to see the first season. Would be interested in watching what followed it. Sad news, anyway.
RIP Gareth.
Another old favourite show. As a teenager, it felt like a step up from Doctor Who, with more well developed dialogue, fewer cardboard cut-out villains, more sticky situations where they had to thrash out an escape rather than easi-kill aliens or getting Jordi to {tech} with seconds to spare.

Quality acting too. Either he made enough, from B7, to retire on or he was terribly under-used in later life.

RIP Gareth.

Yet more sad news.

I was intrigued in particular by Orac thus described as:

'activated by a "key", which is removed by the crew to shut him up if he prattles on too much'....

Pity, the same treatment couldn't be meted out to some AB'ers! ;)

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Gareth Thomas, Blake's 7 Actor, Dies Aged 71

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