Elections 2016......

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ToraToraTora | 15:20 Fri 01st Apr 2016 | News
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Been a bit quiet not seen any crowing from Lib/Lab this year, wonder why!


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I'm sure Corbyn will clean up!

Lib whats that? More rhyming slang?
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yeah it's rhyming slang for Limp Dum
TTT...crowing about what ?
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How you are going to thrash the Tories and quoting EC at as every other day, remember? still use EC? didn't think so!
Ah yes TTT, I'd forgotten about them. Do they still exist ?
No one gets excited about Local Elections.

I assume the Conservatives will lose a few hundred coucillors.
Labour will gain some.
The LibDems revival will stall.
UKIP will bomb as usual.
// These are mainly the seats last contested in 2012. In that year Labour won 39 per cent of the vote (extrapolated into a national vote share) the Conservatives won 33 per cent. So even if the two parties are level pegging this year then Labour will still face losses of around 200 seats. //

It seems Labour are expected to lose seats, but I don't quite understand why? Could be they did very well in 2012 and are not expected to repeat that.
Gromit, unless Labour gain some + LibDems stalled = a few hundred, that doesn't add up - where are the missing councillors coming from?
Tower Hamlets?

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Elections 2016......

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