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mushroom25 | 15:47 Tue 22nd Mar 2016 | News
19 Answers the wake of events in Brussels.

Is it right for broadcasters to disrupt their schedules and cancel popoular output when events like this occur? or was the BBC's approach on the day of 9/11 more in keeping, where they broke coverage of events in New York to show EastEnders at its usual time?


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I don't see why that show isn't permanently pushed aside.
What would those who are furious say if DNA testing is needed to identify those who have lost their lives today?
I would go for keeping to the schedules because there are plenty of purely news channels on tv and radio for those that want it. There is enough misery out there but no need for it to be compulsory viewing (or turn off) for those who dont want it.
Yes, it was right for programmes to be taken off air this morning in favour of the shocking breaking news. News of 9/11 had been broadcast for many hours before the evening schedules were due to begin, and I think that is the difference.
Is it live? If so might have been afraid of what some of the 'participants' said.
It would be no loss if that dreadful man was permanently moved off our tv. Appalling programme.
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co-incidentally, the show began on 4th july 2005, 3 days before the london tube bombings. does anyone know if it was cancelled then?
I suppose the typical viewer of this show probably couldn't point to Belgium on a map.

Kyle's show is poverty-porn at its very worst.
That's very disrespectful to people living in poverty Mikey.
I am sure that those people can find something better to do other than watch this human bear-bating contest. Its just exploiting the less-well educated for the amusement of others barely any better.
So now you're further stereotyping people in poverty as less well educated? Holy cow.
I get the feeling you are not a fan mikey?
I don't live in poverty and I watch JK. it one !
But it is so high brow!
Me too Ummm. What does it matter if you like or dont like it though. That was not the question Mushroom actually asked!
grasscarp.....OK...Yes, I think it appropriate for this show to be cancelled this morning.
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"Jeremy Kyle Cancelled..." - Great, what a pile of low rent drivel. Oh you mean temporarily, bu663r

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Jeremy Kyle Cancelled....

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