Don't You Feel Sorry For Her !!!!

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VHG | 13:36 Mon 14th Mar 2016 | News
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She killed 3 people and attacked others.

But is now finding solitary confinement in jail is leaving her "tearful and upset".

So she is seeking compensation.

It leaves me speechless.


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Mmm, High Court, Barrister. Wonder why? (and how much this has cost to date)
Tearful and upset? Poor soul.
The reference to a 'legal team' does leave me wondering exactly how cases are prioritised though. Some might say that the rating system is somewhat in need of a rethink if this dross is at the top of any list.
In these times of 'austerity' could she not just be allowed to carry on self harming to the point of expiration thereby saving valuable oxygen for normal human beings to consume?
Perhaps we could put Ian Huntley in with her just to keep her company
Dont you mean how much has it cost you and I Svejk?

Yet more from our increasing ly liberal justice system that favours the criminal over the victim.
Instant clawback of damages, as proceeds of crime.

Clap her legal team in irons for putting ideas into her head.

Paint "you killed three people; stop whining" on her cell walls.

What gets me, is how she found out that this ludicrous idea was, a possibility.

Greedy solicitors methinks.

My late father was a solicitor as is, my brother. My father would be astounded that the legal system has come down to this level.
I don't feel in the slightest bit sorry for her.
My heart bleeds for her.

Well. I did consider the question for a few minutes, but it made no difference whatsoever to my initial reaction of 'No, not in the slightest'
i wonder if she got 'tearful and upset' before she butchered three men to death?
It does you great credit for your lengthy consideration before answering. :-)
Not a bit sorry - if isolation is deemed the safest way to keep her then so be it.
I'm more outraged that she is able to make this complaint!! What is happening to our legal system??
Prisoners should not be able to sue for any kind of compensation. They’re in prison for a reason and life in there should actually be a hardship to teach them a lesson

‘Tom Weisselberg QC, for the Ministry of Justice, said segregation was a long way from "solitary confinement", and Dennehy had a radio, CD player, television and books, and access to the exercise yard, gym and shower’

Hardly a hardship for this Psycho is it? The likes of her should be in a cold, bare cell with just a mattress and a *** pot
^ p1 55

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Don't You Feel Sorry For Her !!!!

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