How Many Sewage Works Has U.k. Built In The Last Year?

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Hypognosis | 00:14 Fri 26th Feb 2016 | News
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Yes, this is another thread about immigration.

While we are at it, how many thousands does a small-town sewage works serve?

Do you feel motivated to write to your local councillor, to enquire about this aspect of their housing expansion plans?

300,000 new arrivals, is the figure bandied about on #BBCQT, tonight.

Note: I am not the audience member who asked what was being done about infrastructure and Abbott went off on one about 'burden' because that's what she instinctively thought he meant.


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ermm no I don’t feel motivated at all
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A figure of 49,000 Romanians was mentioned on the news. Anything disparaging to say about the washing facilities in their country too, fender62?

Can't pass an opinion, or anything else, on this subject.
Turd of a question.
Fender62, are you suggesting tht some don't point per se at the porcelain?
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You working on the first movement of your symphony, there?

Lack of facilities has been an issue for immigration for ages. It's part of the reason we are full. One can urban spraw and ruin our open spaces/countryside but that doesn't fix all on it's own. We need zero, or better still negative net immigration and a birth rate that stabilises, or better still reduces our population. Or we'll all be in it.
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There's a marvellous bit in the Hitchhiker's books where Zaphod Beeblebrox utters the immortal line "you appear to have parked your spaceship through mine…"

This perfectly summarizes my feelings about how multiple other countries have parked city-sized chunks of them in our green and pleasant but they've left all their sanitary facilities, schools, dentists, hospitals and such behind.

If we are to build this infrastructure, surely we should be billing the countries they are coming from?

I was going to suggest getting the cash from the EU but we are about to press the eject button.

If you'd migrated and your host nation squeezed money out of your birth nation, because of the fact you'd moved, you might have second thoughts (taxes jacked up for relatives back home, to pay these infrastructure demands).

Get the cash back, then exit. Time's running out.

Bringing in foreign culture in it's entirety and refusing to integrate is a separate issue.

Best of luck getting the invoices paid. I think that they'd be binned.
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With regard to birth rate, would you count the instances of a dozen family members gaining rights of admission after the entry of just one pair of feet as 'births'?

This is over and above actual sprogging. Apparently about half the current world population are under 25s.

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//Best of luck getting the invoices paid. I think that they'd be binned.//


Trashing a nation's infrastructure is an act of ____?

Trashing a nation's culture and values is an act of _______?

Population A produces 2.4 children per hetero couple;
Population B produces 4+ children per hetero couple.

Not too hard to see how that pans out, in the long term.

Current parliament elected with only 33% of the national vote. One minority is halfway there but hasn't launched its own political party yet. Unwise to, seeing how UKIP fared. Too thinly distributed. Need to all move to the same town, like… like… erm.

In order to find out the answer to your questions I suggest you contact all the water boards in the UK - they will have the information you require.
this might answer some of your questions

interestingly, according to a recent ES article, a good proportion of the future-proofing included in this plan has already been eroded.
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Well, yes. But I am far more interested in other people's opinions than actual facts and figures. We won't be needing those until we encounter someone who *isn't* convinced that 300,000 new arrivals (in one year) is going to stress out our facilities and make Blue Flag beaches a real rarity. For some places, tourism is all they've got left.

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Much appreciated. I'll read that later.

But your questions asks 'how many sewage works has UK built in the last year' not 'What are your opinions on the number of sewage works built in the last year'.
Wouldn't council tax and income tax be the source of infrastructure funding? It would seem unfair to (as you have suggested) bill other countries, whilst at the same time taxing immigrants here.

Imagine the uproar if the Spanish government decided to send a bill to the UK to cover infrastructure projects on the Costa Del Sol because of the large number of British ex-pats residing there.
//the large number of British ex-pats residing there. //

"large number" in this case is a matter of proportion. in 2014 the total number of britons resident in all of spain (and its offshore islands) was 300,000 - which is some bit less that the UK net migration per year figure of 322,000 announced yesterday. which would be the "large number" in this case?
Hypognosis - one minor point on something you raised subsequent to your original question.

Every study I have seen relating to the birth rate of immigrant populations shows that the birth rate of immigrants from high birth rate countries falls fairly rapidly to become close to that of the host country.

Roughly translated that means the notion that immigrants from high birth rate countries will take over by outbreeding the natives is a load of old hooey.

They are both large numbers.

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