Hillsborough Inquests: Jury To Consider If Victims 'unlawfully Killed'

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mikey4444 | 17:59 Mon 25th Jan 2016 | News
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This pot has been simmering away in the background now for 2 years, since the second Inquests were instated. 27 years is an awful long time for the families to have to wait for justice though.

Seems that they won't have to wait too much longer.


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It is a shocking amount of time to have had to wait.

I'm sure the families must be relieved that this drawn-out process is finally coming to a close.
So many have waited so long, very painful.

I count myself fortunate my nephew came home safe that day.
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Considering some Policemen admitted lying in the first Inquest,during this second Inquest, we must be prepared for a god almighty fuss quite soon.
I feel so sorry for these families
twenty five years of their lives has gone up in smoke for something they should have had by right immediately - a decent investigation

The cover up and lying has been disgraceful

as for manslaughter - they have to show foresignt ( or a reasonable man would have foresight ) and I think it would fail on that - no names no names under current coroners rules

I think it is an instance where someone cannot be blamed and thinks to theselves " well I got away with that didnt I ? "

[ and all shall have large pensions and gongs from the palace ]

I have been interested in this for years. But although there were many monumental *** ups I just can't see it being 'Unlawful Killing'
It has struck me for a long time that many of the relatives will not be satisfied with anything other than a verdict that places direct blame on someone in 'authority'.
In other words they want a scapegoat some one to blame, rather than accepting that it was the result of a very poor judgement of a difficult situation .
I will be very interested in what others think and if my view is shared.
Unlawfully killed? No

Victims of tragic circumstances? Yes

I have read 2 books about the events that day which include accounts from surviviors. They speak of a major crush outside, struggling to breathe etc and that situation was only getting worse. Police made decision to open gate to ease the crush outside ground, lack of signs/stewarding inside ground resulted in too many fans heading for the central pen which ultimately resulted in the crush and subsequent deaths

27 years since it happened and the Hillsborough brigade will only be happy when every police officer on duty at the ground that day is hung, drawn and quartered
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Joe....over a 100 policemen committed perjury at the original Inquest.

Now that a proper job appears to have been done at the second Inquest, it remains to be seen whether justice will be seen to done.
Mikey the policemen were forced to hand over their notebooks, the pages were removed and they were given a new story to write in to cover up the mistake. They were also ordered to lie in court.
This is probably the greatest mistake and cover up in police history, but I still can not see a verdict of 'Unlawful killing' coming out of it.
The 'Sun' was heavily involved ,it printed the cr"p about Liverpool fans urinating on the emergency responders, allegedly at government request!, to throw blame on drunken Liverpool fans. To this day The Sun is still boycotted by many in Liverpool because of this.

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Hillsborough Inquests: Jury To Consider If Victims 'unlawfully Killed'

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