There Are Very Many Not ‘Conducive To The Public Good’, Why Single Out Donald Trump?

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anotheoldgit | 14:55 Wed 30th Dec 2015 | News
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So after only 560,000 people signed a petition asking for the banning of Donald Trump's entry into the UK, Mrs May declared that she ‘may exclude’ people who are not ‘conducive to the public good’.

There are many more who should be considered not ‘conducive to the public good’, before you get to Mr Trump, Home Secretary.

/// The Home Secretary has said that coming to the UK is a privilege and not a right and she will continue to use the powers available to prevent from entering the UK those who seek to harm our society and who do not share our basic values. ///

She will 'continue' to use the powers available,


When did she start?


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As John Lennon once didn't say ... A billionaire buffoon is something to be
Its said that people like Trump appeal to fools.....well, he's certainly fooled you TTT. - Oh dear, not me, the vitriol spitting lefties over here who cannot look beyonf the "official view" on any given subject, I'm just point out how it works in the US.

And what the ruddy hell is "organic St Mandella Peace porridge" ?
- it's the staple diet of the hand wringing self appointed "elite"

"And when it comes to hyperbole, Trump has nothing on you !"
- sincere thanks, I enjoy my work here.

"Jim has it right here.....Trump is just a buffoon. " - I said he was a Buffoon and he is, but I am able to look beyond my own views and evaluate what is really happenning, rather than being blinded by the hyperbole.
Really, TTT, Donald Trump is far more of a threat to your views than he does help them. He's far too blustery, confrontational and, well, full of crap to be taken seriously. So if by some freak result he does end up winning the nomination it's virtually certain that he'd be utterly pummelled in the actual vote by Hilary Clinton. That's a double disaster as firstly it sets the Republican party back potentially another decade and secondly it lets Hilary Clinton in on a cakewalk, and to say the least she isn't universally popular in the US and ought to be held to more scrutiny than Trump can hope to provide.

The candidate you *should* be backing is Ted Cruz, who is in many ways a scaled-down, sensible version of Donald Trump. I won't waste too much time summarising his various policy positions -- do your own research -- but I think I'm safe in saying that you'd like him a lot. And what is more he's not a complete jerk, and looks capable of adapting well to presidential office in a way that Trump never could.

Him or Marco Rubio, both of whom would have the credentials to take on either of the two contenders the Democrat party has to offer. At the moment, both are massively outshone by Trump, but I doubt that will last too much longer.
I'm not backing Trump, I'm just enjoying how he gets up the backs of all the spoon fed lefties.
TTT...far be it for me to stifle debate ! I always enjoy your missives, even when I don't agree with them, which isn't every time by any means. You are always amusing to read, although I wish you weren't so gnomic at times.

But it was your remark that "Trump is growing on you" that puzzled me.

You have admitted that he is indeed a buffoon, and not many people think he's in with a chance of swapping his current abode for the White House in less than 12 months time. In fact, I would go as far as to say that the Republican Party are looking defeat in the face, for the 3rd consecutive time if they choose him for their 2016 candidate.

The Republicans have a recent history of choosing no-hopers every 4 years, and it looks as if its going to happen again.

So why is Trump growing on you ? Given your right-wing views, I can understand you not wanting Hilary to win, but surely the Republicans can do better than this ?
" why is trump growing on me" - see my post at 20:56 me old china, like SarahP before him, he illicits such derision and vitriol from the yoghurt knitters that I can't help but warm to them. I know Trump has no chance of the WH but that's not the point, I proceed mostly from amusement of how seriously his detractors seem to take him not out of any sort of support. It's like when something new happens in sport that gets momentary success and puts the noses of the old order out of joint whilst they have to deal with it. Like when Quentin Hann smacked the pack up at snooker, legal but how they howled in the matchroom.

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There Are Very Many Not ‘Conducive To The Public Good’, Why Single Out Donald Trump?

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