Slash Migration 'to Solve Housing Crisis'

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anotheoldgit | 12:55 Mon 21st Dec 2015 | News
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At last the blindingly obvious has been finely discovered by a politician of one of the two main political parties.

No not from the government, but surprise, surprise, a Labour MP.


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True but not really a surprise
With Labour in disarray and bearing in mind their current leader some MPs will have to issue some carrots to make the electorate that abandoned them think they really care about them.

Did you see this documentary on CH4 a couple of years ago?

The housing crisis could be solved if the thousands (yes THOUSANDS) of perfectly good homes up and down the country which are standing empty, were assigned to housing associations.

I urge you to have a look at this programme.

There is a massive estate of houses in perfectly good condition near the Wirral that has simply been left to rot.

Imagine the number of families who could be housed!

It's a scandal that far too many people don't know about.
The problem is it is not just the homes, it is the entire infrastructure. No point in putting people into homes if there are no Hospitals, doctors, dentists, Schools or transport for them. This is why you need controlled immigration.
No good my two sons going to the wirral for empty housing if there is no employment up there. My sons actually have a work ethic. Why are there so many empyt homes up there in the first place? Not rocket science.
//Why are there so many empyt homes up there in the first place? //

Because of the issues I put forward, plus your work point.

Exactly. It was pointless the poster quoting the wirral if there is nothing up there to live for. Those who do not scrounge still need work to pay for the roof over their heads.
How about 'Increase migration to solve nursing/teaching shortage' ?
Nice idea. My wife hopes to retire after 40yrs+ nursing next March. She does speak English. It helps.!!
Question Author

/// Imagine the number of families who could be
housed! ///

Seems there is no problem when it comes to housing migrants.
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/// How about 'Increase migration to solve nursing/teaching shortage' ? ///

No problem with that, just stop all those others from coming here.

Yea...there is a problem when it comes to housing migrants.

The housing that they get is not 'social housing' - it's B&Bs.

Seriously - have a look at the CH4 documentary. You only need to watch the first eight minutes or so for it to get your blood boiling. These 'ghost estates' have been around for years.

No-one seems to have taken any responsibility for reusing this vacant stock.

It's a national disgrace.
"The housing that they get is not 'social housing' - it's B&Bs."

Oh dear. How sad. Never mind.
My kids who were born here,work here could never be offered social housing. In my borough it is all taken up now by immigrants.
I have just had to buy my eldest son a house because an immigrant landlord has virtually chucked them out and I have my youngest son (32yrs) who works as a business manager in a High St Bank still living with us so I am hardly going to shed tears for unwanted parasites living in B&B instead of Social housing.

When you say your son has been virtually thrown out, what do you mean?
A long story. Landlord gave my son,wife with 4yr old and 10mnth baby 3 weeks to quit rented house because he wants more families in the two bed house. A 3 week deadline given. Son approached housing dept of local council and reported landlord. Landlord told by Council he was acting illegally and had to serve sec 21 notice which gives 2 month plus rent paid period. Deadline to quit was 15th Dec but now landlord has officially served the Sec 21 notice my family stay till after Christmas. My son was told by landlord he was a good tenant and was willing to provide a reference for future landlord.
Well if that is what immigrant landlords are up to my wife and I decided we would be their landlords and buy them a house at a fair rent. Lucky we are in a position to do it. I pity our own who can't get social housing because of the overcrowding in the UK. Bang goes our savings nest egg but at least they have a house. They would of got the money anyway when we die but that ain't the point.
They are lucky to have parents who are willing to make such a big sacrifice and it is to hoped the council is keeping an eye on the former landlord.
I sincerely hope so. I would not want to start a family in this day and age.Sweating out the cold war and the threat of a nuclear war was enough for a kid but it gets worse and that is just on the home front.

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Slash Migration 'to Solve Housing Crisis'

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