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VHG | 15:34 Fri 18th Dec 2015 | News
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The catholic church has said Mother Teresa has had a second miracle attributed to her.

The Vatican said "The miracle involved the healing of a Brazilian man with several brain tumours in 2008"

Mother Teresa died in 1997, nine years before that.

How can this be attributed to Mother Teresa?

Is this modern day and age I am staggered that people still believe in this sort of thing.

Surely it is no better than "witchcraft".

And it staggers me that MORE people follow the catholic church rather than less, even with the churches controversial history and modern day abuse of children by priests.

I suppose it shows how many gullible people there are in the world.


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Some people need the prop of religion in their lives.
The more gullible are at the top running the show and attributing such sainthoods etc.

I have never held any high regard for the lady myself having researched her ways from those who worked with and around her.

You may be RC born and bred but not trust in every modern twist on things.
Mamya I think that we both sing from the same hymn sheet. ;-)
I'm a Roman Catholic...

We were requested to bring in bed sheets to rip up and make bandages....for the black babies!! Shocking!
Recently ummmm?
Can easily be attributed to her. I expect the patient, or friends/family of the patient, prayed to her for a cure and lo, she provided one.
I am not a Roman Catholic, but I do class myself a
Christian, and no matter what some believe in, as long as it doesn't cause any harm, it is much better that belonging to a religion that commits act of terrorism, puts to death homosexuals and carries out beheadings.
How can this "miracle" be attributed to her, VHG?..........Simply that they need the second "miracle" to make her a saint......anyone will do....
Then more will pray to for indulgences....more money for this already obscenely wealthy church.

She was a nasty woman.....I researched her when I was sick of listening to family members singing her praises.....
O God aog you've opened a hornet's nest now - cue all the vile, disgusting things christians have done hundreds, nay thousands of years ago !!!
AOG...the Catholic Church has always caused harm...and still does.
She was indeed Gness a nasty - she lived here in Belfast for a number of years - about 2 miles from me. She did live in the heart of a ghetto during the troubles but she didn't get along with a certain priest - one morning she upped and left with a number of other nuns - no explanation - just vanished.

Well it's started Viv, but so far no evidence of harm presented, perhaps they have got to consult their history books?
Perhaps the priest had the sense to see her for what she was, Jenny....

History books, AOG? Why would I do that when I have my own memories and experiences?

If you need evidence presented here you've had your head in the sand...or have an agenda maybe.
One doesn't have to look back thousands of years for nasty self serving people of any religious background - they are ever present.

The minority but all the same they're there.
Bide your time aog, bide your time !
Miracles can always be attributed but never proved.

Mother Teresa did a lot of good in her time, and her Order is still doing it today, so I can't see that this latest bit of superstitious nonsense from the Vatican makes a jot of difference either way.

Religion relies on gullible people VHG and we shouldn't be at all surprised any more !
Read up on her, Mikey......the harm outweighs any good she presented to the world....x
//The Vatican said "The miracle involved the healing of a Brazilian man with several brain tumours in 2008"

Mother Teresa died in 1997, nine years before that.

How can this be attributed to Mother Teresa? //

I haven't read the link, but I think this 'miracle' has probably been attributed to 'intercession' - ie someone prayed to Mother Teresa (who was already dead) and asked her to intercede with God for the sufferer to be cured. He was subsequently healed - hence the prayer is assumed to have worked - hence the 'miracle' is attributed to Mother Teresa who interceded. Hope that makes sense. (Of course it doesn't make sense but that, I believe, will be the explanation).
That's very true, gness. They teach about her in nursing training....

surely anybody can attribute anything to anyone?
Actually, to put it more simply, Mother Teresa has acted as the 'middle man'. She's had a word in God's ear, so to speak, so good old Mother Teresa!

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Mother Tersea - Confused

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