Forgotton Where You Left Your Jumbo Jet?

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VHG | 11:54 Wed 09th Dec 2015 | News
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Anyone left one of your Jumbo jets in Malaysia?

Three abandoned Jumbo jets are at Malaysia's main airport, and nobody has claimed them.


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Probably the result of one heck of a stag do.
They are all registered from Iceland ??
One of them's mine. I was too drunk to drive, so I got a taxi. I'll pick it up when my head clears.
Having asked a retired 747 pilot about this I was told that there is a steady trickle of aircraft being retired in this way, then sold for parts/scrap (if there is a buyer) - a well known occurrence, apparently, and retired aircraft don't all end up at that airfield in the USA (where there are hundreds, if not thousands of them), not least because of the cost of flying them there.
This will belong to a leasing company.
Several Airlines have operated this aircraft. The Air Atlanta Icelandic will not be the owners.
The records say the aircraft has been stored since 2010
These airraft appear to be owned by General Electric Aircraft Leasing

They are obviously a big company, so a mystery why they have not removed them. Possibly a dispute over fees.

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Depending on which model and how it is equipped, new "jumbo jets" can sell anywhere from 125 Million to 260 million.

Boeing delivered 12 VIP jets last year and has four new orders.

The Chicago jet maker has a half-dozen Boeing 747-8s–with a list price of $317 million each–on backlog for private customers ordered by six customers. The company says a dozen Boeing 787s also are scheduled to be sold to super jet-setters.

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Forgotton Where You Left Your Jumbo Jet?

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