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I can only wish them bon chance and a successful mission.
Question Author
Same here, Chill.
A heartfelt ditto.
as long as they obliterate them down under.......go for it.
Ditto from me too!
How the world has changed when I'm saying....ditto..... :-(
Not actually sure if this is the best response. Understandable but not sure if it is right, pouring fire onto fire.
Well we wont be helping them on Syria will we?

BTW, anyone heard Corbyn and labours stance on this proble. Him bring a peacenik and all that?
Blow the B.....ds to hell and more.
On another one of many posts on this tragic weekend. Weasly words as you would expect from this miserable pathetic surrender monkey. Totally insincere IMO.
Thanks Retro. Guess its what I expected.
Was it Stormin Norman who said. It not my brief to judge these people. That is God's prerogative. My job is to ensure that the meeting takes place very quickly. I'm with him there.
If they knew where the Islamic State's stronghold in Raqqa was, why hadn't they or other Country's bombed it before?
Probably tactical choice. Each country's forces will have a role and maybe they've been waiting for a concentration of IS forces in that area before attacking.
Exactly the response ISIS were seeking - makes it so much easier to recruit more suicide bombers.

No, I don't have an easy answer, but this certainly isn't it. And I speak as one who was repeatedly as a child carried down to an Air Raid shelter as Nazi bombs rained down. Their bombing didn't defeat us either. Nor did the American carpet bombing defeat the VietCong. And bombing Iraq has only made things worse too.

"When will they ever learn"

No, I don't have an easy answer,

So it's do nothing then?
-- answer removed --
Perhaps worth a look just what life is like for the ordinary citizens of Raqqa before the gung-ho approach to venting our (understandable) anger and flatten it.
The sanctimony of the guardian, and BBC News and others who are pseudo-intellectual clones of the Guardian make me averse as a free-thinking individual of accepting your suggestion.

We all know what has happened. But Sunday was when information management and carefully selected trusted Sky and BBC trusted pundits were repeatedly dragged in to basically tell us what the people paying them wanted us to think.

The truth is these numbers of casualties are not new to people who remember the bombing campaigns of what was euphemistically called 'The Troubles' within the borders of the UK.

There is nothing new here to shock us more than we were before except for three things.

1-How many terrorists came in posing as refugees?
2- How competent have the Belgians been in their security?
3- Why shouldn't IS supporters not now think they are in control and calling the shots?

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French War Planes Strike Isis.

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