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Good job there are no British robbers and murderers.
Oh, wait...
What on earth have UK criminals got to do with it?

If anything you have highlighted that we have enough of our own scum without having foreign ones foisted upon us.
Usual response when one happens to criticise foreigners.

I wonder if the same ones would say "what about all those foreign 'baddies'? if one happened to be criticising our own 'baddies'.
The question implies that either there would be no murders in the UK if we weren't in the EU or that the only murders by foreigners are those committed by EU nationals.
So a bit silly really
For a bit of balance, our next door neighbour has just completed a temporary stay in a local care home while her Polish carer was on holiday. This lady was appalled at the neglect her charge had suffered in her absence.
I'm sure not all care homes are that bad of course, although maybe many of the ones that cost the same as a cheap but caring E European lady are.
Like I say, a bit of balance
So it boils down to whether we consider it worth importing some cheap labour (of which there is plenty already in the UK flitting between the pub and the betting shop) on the understanding that we shall inevitably import some robbers and murderers as well. No question of us sorting the wheat from the chaff (or more properly the manure), it seems.
No what it. Oils down to is that thrre is an upside and a downside to most things.
I could have done a 'question' like the OP's but used my example instead.
Doesn't mean the EU is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but nor does the first observation a particularly sensible argument against.
But this is presumably the tip of the iceberg : welcome to the referendum campaign. I'm going underground :-)
Boils not oils (sigh)
VHG...what point are you trying but failing to make here ? Are you trying to say that all immigrants are criminals ?

I could spend the rest of the afternoon, posting links to recent crimes in Britain that were not perpetrated by foreigners, but to be frank, I have better things to do with my time !
Ichkeria ...well said...todays voice of common sense ! Its obvious what VHG is clumsily trying to imply.
What ichkeria has said is perfectly true. There are upsides and downsides to most things. I don’t think VHG was trying to suggest that all foreigners are criminals or that criminals only come from abroad. He is suggesting what I have – that the “upsides” and the “downsides” need to be properly considered. Before they mark ‘X’ in the box (if and when we have our referendum) people must consider all the upsides and all the downsides, including whether the benefits they receive from importing cheap labour outweigh the disadvantages of importing people like those mentioned in the two articles.

As it stands the UK has no say in who comes here from the EU. We get the lot: the care workers; the robbers; the nurses; the murderers. The electorate might like a different system where we allow in only the care workers and the nurses. And that would mean leaving the EU.
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I don't see the bit where it says that Mr Porcynski was known to be a man with a record of violent crime. Was he? If not then IF not then I cannot see the logic of the above arguments which in any case seem to extend to any immigrant.
Apologies if I have misunderstood
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Fender...I don't much like it myself, but I have no choice. As a single man I would get very little SS assistance, if any, unlike most of our long-term, multi-generational unemployed.

Perhaps some of these new migrants have skills that we need and could use ? Just like most of Polish that I come across every day. Over here but working, and doing the jobs our own unskilled layabouts can't or won't do.
Everyone gotta come from somewhere.
How about, layabout Londoner sells country to yanks....
\\As it stands the UK has no say in who comes here from the EU\\

Likewise, the EU has no say in who goes there from the UK. I believe it's called Freedom Of Movement. Nothing to stop our own home-grown criminals in fleeing to southern Spain or Amsterdam, as they often do.
Well said Delboy, but that wouldn't make the headlines in the DM and our AB correspondents with the special "foreigner" search engines couldn't find anything to post, could they !

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