18Th Anniversary Of Princess Diana's Death.

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anotheoldgit | 14:12 Sun 30th Aug 2015 | News
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Tomorrow the 31st August sees the 18th anniversary of Princess Diana's death, what brought about the Nation's total admiration towards her?,,20395222_20948873,00.html


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well the nation didn't totally admire her.....
i really couldn't say!

Had absolutely no time for her, and thankfully was working in America when she died therefore avoided most of the mass hysteria.
Well it wasn't for her choice of husband (Yes she did have a choice) or her following suitors.!!
for suitors Read "subsequent male companions"
People all over the world loved her public image.
She was the "peoples" princess and you know what the UK people like, the royalty, the politicians, the entrepreneurs, to be one of "them."

You know, Harold Wilson with his pint of beer and sandwiches.......David Cameron flying yo his holiday destination on Easyjet, the Queen having to sell her yacht......all good stuff for the "common folk."
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The laying of masses of flowers at scenes of accidents etc, were almost non existent before her Death.

Seems such a waste to me, better for the monies to be donated to charity.
Careful my friend. Interflora are putting out a contract for you. :-(
Well I, for one, did not admire or like her. Having said that I did wish her any ill-will. Thought all the hysteria completely over the top.

If you have Netflix, there's a very interesting documentary series called 'The Royals'.

Each episode deals with a different facet of the royal family (Babies, Marriages, Funerals, Teens, Scandals and oddly - Pets).

The 'Funerals' episode largely deals with Diana, and watching it, I began to remember why she was such an important figure.

It's not true to say that she had 'total admiration', but I would argue that she was seen by many as being 'one of us'. She was like a bridge between the royals and us commoners.

There were traits that she had, which had not been seen in the royal family for some time - she was glamorous like the young Princess Margaret or Prince William (not the current one, but Prince William of Gloucester - the one who died in the plane crash).

Arguably, she possessed the common touch...she didn't have the air of mystery and aloofness, which is something that other members of the royal family get accused of.

Also, and this is the big ticket in terms of enduring affection - she died relatively young.

In terms of enduring popularity, that's practically unbeatable - Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Bob Marley, Amy Winehouse, Buddy Holly, JFK, Paul Walker, Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain.
Yes, there’s nothing to beat dying young to ensure your popularity. Can’t beat it! 

I personally had no time for the woman. Seemed a very complex, self-centred individual who used her good looks to deceive most of the people most of the time. She knew (or should have known) what she was letting herself in for when she married Charles. Nobody forced her into it. Having said that, I wished her no ill and her death was tragic (not least for her two young sons), if somewhat avoidable had some common sense prevailed on her part and on the part of those tasked with her safety.

I’m interested to hear that some readers share my sentiments about her. When I have posted similar views in the past I might just have well have said that I'd drowned ten kittens in a sack.
I agree New Judge, I always got the impression she enjoyed all the privileges that being a member of the Royal family brought but at the same time wanted the freedom to do exactly what she wanted. The two things are not compatible .
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I quite liked the girl. She was instrumental in bringing issues, like land mines and Aids to the fore. People involved in her charities had no bad word to say for her. She made a connection with ordinary people and (mostly) they loved her, and why not ?

But she made an unwise marriage, and it was never going to work.....she wanted to go to Wham concerts and he wanted to go to Covent Garden. I thought the Royal Family behaved disgracefully when she died. They couldn't have been more cold-hearted if they had tried.

I will never forgive Charles and the rest of them for making those two young boys walk down the Mall after her coffin, never.
what do you think of a woman watching the ceiling mirror - with her Egyptian boyfriend, a lay-about son of a Knightsbridge grocer?

No time for her.
'Hubby' is definitely closer to the truth :-)
By the way...she died because she was in a car being driven at high speed, in a narrow and dangerous stretch tunnel, by a driver that had taken drink, and worst of all, she hadn't put her seat belt on. If she had, she would still be with us today.

Why do people still persist with this daft conspiracy theory....there is not a shred of evidence for it !

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18Th Anniversary Of Princess Diana's Death.

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