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sir.prize | 19:02 Fri 10th Jul 2015 | News
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The BBC is considering to request that over-75s volunteer to pay for their TV licences to 'preserve the viability of the corporation'. It is interesting to see the published salaries of current staff

Click to reveal each individual salary.


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Free TV licenses should not be paid for by TV license payers. It is a perk introduced by the Government, not the BBC. If the Government do not want to pay for it, they should scrap it.

You wouldn't stand for free shopping for pensioners, being paid for from a levy put on your shopping basket. That is ineffect what is happening here. Your license fee is subsidising someone elses free viewing, and you were never consulted.
Absolutely correct gromit
The BBC have caved in to the government in order to keep themselves in the manner to which they're accustomed.
I think civil disobedience in the shape of witholding the tax might come into play sometime soon and it'll be advert time to pay for New Beeb.
oh you mean like paying a levy to keep the bbc going even though you dont want to watch them, just the other commercially competing tv companies....
I pay towards the far larger commercial TV budgets with a levy on my shopping basket but never watch their rubbish, so shouldn't I get a refund ?
Bloody hell, some of them are making a fortune, and probably have assistants doing most of it, while they are out at lunch, dinner party's etc.
Alan Yentob's Salary and total remuneration

Salary: £168,300

Total executive remuneration: £183,300 *
is correct as of April 2015.

He also presents and edits Imagine and additional programmes on BBC Television for which he receives a separate fee.!!!!!!!!!!!!

They don't say what that is!!!!!!
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Bouncer, ^^ MPs expenses are published online now
Both management of large corporations and anyone who makes it in entertainment are on a gravy train. And management of the BBC is both. This is no surprise surely ? It is the norm for the market and a consequence of lack of limits to a capitalist system. Public can be (willingly ?) fleeced and the few gain riches beyond their dreams simply because they can.
^ thats why I wont buy a licence :)
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^^ Not 'undercover' they are published for anyone to see. The press look through the expense claims regularly to see if they can sniff out anything worth printing.
Eddie, your link is out of date. It only shows expense claims submitted up to 2010.
^^ there are newer ones it is published every 6 months.
Christ, Boncer. What an, erm, innocent sort you are. I find myself looking forward to your posts more and more.
Back to the thread. I'm not sure you can blame the capitalist system for this one, og. It's very unlikely that the Marxist hive members at the BBC would be any use to or of any worth to any business in the real world. (Outside of charidee, of course, which is stuffed to the gills with similar champagne socialists)

Perhaps the free World Service should be scrapped as well Gromit.

After all why should the TV licence payer pay for foreigners listening enjoyment?
It's even worse, aog. Until recently, the Government paid for that left-wing, and curiously, Islamist propaganda. It's surprising how many other methods they had for fleecing the public.

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