Admit It, Islam Is The World's Biggest Threat.

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anotheoldgit | 10:34 Sun 28th Jun 2015 | News
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We hear such excusably terms as "radical Muslims", "militant Muslims", "ISIS" and even excuses such as "Christianity is just as bad" even though they have to go back to the middle ages for their examples.

When are the Media and the politicians going to get a back bone and put a stop to their Muslim apologist ways, and admit that Islam is the world's biggest threat, one which must be driven out?


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Bouncer / Farrier, should the occasion arise when I require someone to speak on my behalf I will select someone whom I regard as both intelligent and articulate so rest assured I will not be bothering you!
The Middle Ages, in European/Christian terms, lasted until what we call the 15th century. Given that Islam appeared some 600 years after Christianity, in Muslim terms this IS the 15th century!
Radicalised Muslims are certainly a threat, but not the world's biggest threat, that honour goes to the over-population of the planet.
Khandro - what in your opinion is the problem with population?
I would put my money on Putin.

i don't know what khandro had in mind, but i believe this explores similar ground:-

essentially the current global population is unsustainable, never mind the billions that will come after us.
How do you suppose the media and the politicians are going to 'drive Islam out' AOG? Bringing back Belsen perhaps? Declaring a dirt of 'jihad' of their own?
'Sort' of :-)
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/// but quite wrong to blame the whole religion which "ON THE WHOLE IS NO THREAT". ///

/// And are you including the billion or more "PEACEFUL MUSLIMS"? ///

/// "RELIGION" is the worlds biggest threat. ///


Seems to me that I should have included some ABers along with the media and the politicians.
The honour probably goes to hunger.

795 million people do not have enough food to live an healthy. That is a threat to far more people in the world than ISIS are.

3 million children under 5 years die every year of malnutrition. Enjoy your sunday lunches while you worry about far away threats.
AOG - I rarely voice my opinion on religion for the simple reason that the few Muslims I know are lovely people and I don't feel I can condemn a whole religion by the acts of a small amount of extremists.

This doesn't mean I don't worry about what's happening globally and/or care about the threat.
//The honour probably goes to hunger. //

probably. but what would you do about it? world population is now 7.25bn. in 1927 the population was 2 billion and it had taken 123 years to grow from 1 billion. the last billion took just 12 years. we can throw aid by the handful at the disadvantaged but if they cannot control their populations we'll be in the same situation (or worse) in just a few years.

and the left wingers can scream RACIST!! RACIST!! all they like. it's nothing to do with racism. the planet just cannot support as many people as are living now.
It's not racist. Blame religion.
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/// AOG - I rarely voice my opinion on religion for the simple reason that the few Muslims I know are lovely people and I don't feel I can condemn a whole religion by the acts of a small amount of extremists. ///

You openly admit that it is only a "few" Muslims that you know and these are lovely people (and that is very pleasing to hear), but how can you possibly know from the few Muslims that you know, that there are only a "small" amount of extremists"?
I'm sure Muslim's are making a rod for their own back with this murderous act, these people must be known to the people of knowledge in the religion, as said, they are all not bad but the way things are going with these terrorist acts, I have said this in another post, we have the Knowledge / Intelligence to wipe these scum killers out, it's about time all countries pulled together & do the job once & fall all.
Few people ever say that it is the "West" (and particularly the USA) that has been responsible for the rise of Muslim / Islam anger.

Have a look at American history since the second world war and see how many of the worlds conflicts have involved the USA, even when the places have been nowhere near them (like Vietnam).

The USA have been the worlds "police" since the second world war and have assassinated other countries presidents, brought down other countries governments, supplied arms and support to various other countries dictators and much more beside.

For example read about Operation Gladio where the CIA and MI6 funded secret terror groups in Italy and other European countries. Some of the terrorism was blamed on Muslims when it was in fact done by these US and UK backed terror groups.

Gladio is just one example of USA/UK intervention in other people's affairs.

It is too simple to just blame Islam and the Muslims, We in the "West" are in fact reaping what we have sowed.

More here

Many US companies got very rich during WW2 and it was in their interest to keep armed conflicts going at the end of WW2.

When Eisenhower resigned as President of the USA in his closing speech he raised concerns about the US Military Industrial Complex, a group of US companies and politicians who made sure the USA always needed plenty of military equipment, making them all rich, but keeping the world in conflict.

More here

Sadly a lot of government things go on "in secret" that we the ordinary public don't know about, but I do think a lot of things that we in the West have done since WW2 has been responsible for the rise in Muslim / Islam anger.

I don't condone it, but then I don't condone a lot of what WE (the West) have done either.
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/// It's not racist. Blame religion. ///

Perhaps country, the UK has 12.27 births/1,000 population.

Whereas Niger has 50.6.
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Excellent link Svejk, reminiscent of who they blame regarding WW2 it is now customary to blame the 'Nazis' but until political correctness kicked in it was the 'GERMANS'.
I'd repeat my earlier question to you AOG: how do you propose Islam be 'driven out' ? I think it's a fair question

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Admit It, Islam Is The World's Biggest Threat.

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