School Says Children Are Not Naughty Anymore Ridicolous New Age Discipline

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gordiescotland1 | 08:42 Sun 28th Jun 2015 | News
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Spare the rod and spoil the child.
Do you have children?
That's rubbish Sandy.
No. But I'm sure the beatings I had as a child never did me any harm. I'm sure they have no connection to my heavy drinking or neurosis.
Pupils that talk in class are told ' you are effecting my emotional well-being'
In my school anyone talking in class was made to stand on their desk with their mouth taped shut, while the teacher pointed across the fields to the local mental hospital. They would be told that is where you will end up if you talk !!
//Teachers tell children 'you are having an impact on my emotional well-being' //

I know some children who would be delighted to hear that. Of course children need boundaries. If their behaviour is unacceptable they need to be told that their behaviour is unacceptable.

Some young children can't spell either.
They need to be told. They need punishments. They don't need to be beaten.
There's a dire need for young children to be cleaning chimneys.
I didn't do much shouting when I was teaching. Shouting is exhausting. Usually, a raised eyebrow or 'the look' was enough to curb any misbehaviour.
Children learn mostly by example. Glad she has some sense.
// Headteacher Rachel Tomlinson admitted her ‘sanction-free’ approach was ‘extreme’ but insisted it was good for the children. //

What's she betting she hasn't got any kids of her own.

My parents disciplined me at home from an early age so it was not needed at school.
I'd want to see their next ofstead before judging.
No child needs beating. All my four children have never been physically punished ever,what message does that give? They did, however, have boundaries and knew there would be consequences if those boundaries were crossed. Too many parents dish out empty threats that the children know will not happen. You also have to explain why they should not do something or could not have something, within of course the limits of their age at the time. And NO means NO!
seems to be working for them at the moment, but just wonder how they would react if one of their charges was to do something that attracted the attention of the police:-

- it's ok mr plod, little steven has just made a wrong choice, and i'm sure he'll put geoffrey's head back on in his own time, and i can use my empty resilience bucket to catch the blood.
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Kids at Primary Schools need preparing properly for the major culture shock they are in for when they move up to Secondary School

Kids from this school won't know what's hit them when the cotton wool is removed from around them
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School Says Children Are Not Naughty Anymore Ridicolous New Age Discipline

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